Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Box

The Box
By Kurt Hardy
Walk with Me a little while,
As I turn back the hands of time
To distant lands long forgotten
And hidden within you mind.

Memories of your childhood from days of yesteryear,
Buried deep within your heart, to hide the painful tears.

There you will find a box, filled with anger, resentment and fears.
Where you’ve kept it locked inside, for all these many years.

Now the box has grown heavy,
A burden too much to bare.
Rather than empty the contents,
You simply shout, “I don’t care.”

My child I speak the truth, you will never truly be free,
Until you open the box inside and face your memories.

I am the Spirit of Life, I’ve come to make you whole.
I offer you My balm of love, to heal your wounded soul.

My oil heals the broken heart,
And gives hope again to live.
For it is My universal law,
It happens each time you forgive.

Apply these words everyday to your life, and soon you will see,
Inside the box, there’s only love, that’s healed your memories.