Friday, April 29, 2011

Awake Oh Sleeping Giant

< This poem was written to instruct the church of the critical hour in which we face. There is eminent danger from the enemy attempting to lure believers into a slumber of Christian mediocrity through the pleasures of self-indulgence.

This slumber as seen in the church called “The Body of Christ” which is none other than a sleeping giant. It is failing to have a desperate cry against the social morals that the world is establishing through our halls of congress, institutes of education and the financial system that supports them.

Jesus told His disciples to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send labors out into the field, for the “workers” are few and the harvest is ready (Matthew 9:37-38).

The poem describes the renascence period during the time of the “knights of shinning armor.” The setting is found in the drinking pubs of that era.
There are six players involved in the poem and their identities are as follows.
The Narrator- Giving insight into the drama.
The Herald- He is the Holy Spirit crying out the sound of war.
The Giant Warrior- Is the church, which is drunk on the pleasures of life and has forgotten the call to battle.
The Sword- Is the authority of God’s word anointed with power to vanquish every attack of the enemy.
The Inn Keeper- Represents the world opinion of the so-called Christian.
The Evil One- Represents the demonic forces of Satan as he tells his lies of deception, which are designed to steal, kill and destroy God’s people and the nations of the world.

Awake, Oh Sleeping Giant

The Herald cried out at the “Drinking Pub Inn”
“Where is the Warrior, the giant amongst men?”

The Innkeeper pointed to a table and chair.
“You’ll find him in a corner, he’s asleep over there.”

“Awake sleeping Giant, you’ve been drinking all night.
The day is far spent and it’s now time to fight.

The Giant was impatient and said with a groan
“Away with you Herald and leave me alone.”

“I see sleeping Giant, your are drunk with wine.
You’ve indulged in its pleasures for a very long time.

How could you do such a terrible thing?
God made you a warrior, now fight for the King.”

The Giant slurred in a confident way,
trying to focus his eyes as his body would sway.

“Have no fear the enemy’s far away.
There’s plenty of time to drink and play.”

“Not so mighty warrior, oh victorious one.
The battle out side has already begun.

The enemy is destroying everything in sight,
all that is good and whatever is right.

He has told the people that he rules the land
And now they must obey his every command.

And that’s not all, there’ more to tell.
He told me his plans were from the pit of hell.

He said he would attack the family life,
with doubt and anger between husband and wife

He then posted a law with this decree
‘Dissolve your marriage if you can’t agree.’

Families were broken, this brought sorrow and pain.
Children ruled the streets for attention to gain.

Now violence and destruction is seen everywhere.
It’s such a common thing people don’t seem to care.

‘Mighty Warrior, the people will be lost.
It’s up to you to bring them to the cross.”

The Giant filled his mug pushing the bottle aside,
with anger and indifference he then replied.

“Do you expect me to face the enemy outside,
to do battle with him where I might die?

Go away from me, you’re wasting my time.
It’s safe in here and I want more wine.”

“Listen Giant Warrior, for God has said,
“Fight with His Sword, or you’ll be dead.”

But the Giant wouldn’t go in the street to fight,
to help the hungry poor and those in the night

He had no interest in the lost souls of men,
unless they came to join the “Drinking Pub Inn.”

Suddenly a thunderous knock was at the pub’s door,
before it was answered, it was smashed to the floor.

Then he walked in, such a dreadful sight,
it was the Evil One who lurks in the night.

He was strong and powerful, ugly and mean.
His body was fierce like a fighting machine.

“So you’re the great Warrior I’m supposed to fear!
But I find you drunk on the pleasures of cheer.”

Then he spoke with a voice that was vicious and cruel.
“Did you think you could hide, you fat old fool?

While filling your belly on the pleasures of life,
I was training in the field getting ready for this fight.

Your interest was only in the comforts of ease,
whatever felt good and whenever you pleased.

But I sharpened my weapons of treachery with skill,
daily disciplining myself so you I might kill.

You had your chance to save the lost,
but you weren’t willing to pay the cost.

Now it’s time with me to fight.
Get up old woman, you’re a pitiful sight.

My work with you will soon be done,
but not until I have had my fun.”

Suddenly the Evil One let out with a shriek,
a crashing hard blow struck the Warrior’s cheek.

The Giant fell backwards and onto the floor.
The Evil One was laughing and kicking him more.

“First I’ll break you, then you’ll bow your knee.
I’ll make you a spectacle for the world to see.

I’ll cut you to pieces and powerless you’ll be.
Then where is your God that will fight against me?”

The Giant was bleeding as he got to his feet.
Reeling and staggering for a wall to retreat.

Feebly he shook his fist attempting to make his stand.
“Now Evil One, I’ll break you, like an ordinary man.”

The Giant made a fist that could kill ten men.
But it was useless against the power of sin.

Then the Evil One, with eyes like a snake,
cursed the Warrior with words of hate.

“Hey old woman” the Evil One yelled,
with a mocking spirit from the pit of hell.

“You’re no match for me as we battle this hour.
You’ve lost your faith and your Sword of power.”

The Giant searched the room looking everywhere.
Then he saw the huge Sword hanging from a chair.

Swiftly he picked it up, but it felt heavy in his hand,
for it lacked power and authority, he couldn’t understand.

Then the Evil One was grinning and shouted; “Now you’ll die.”
His nostrils were flaring and there was death in his eyes.

He pulled out his sword, it was black as night.
Then quickly he swung it with all of his might.

Piercing the Giant with a deep cutting wound,
the Evil One laughed, “Your death will be soon.”

He struck the Giant again and again,
but the Warrior was unable his life to defend.

He knew his life would not long last.
He cried out to God, “Lord forgive my past.

Redeem me from my shameful disgrace.
Don’t let me die in this sinful place.

I plead your mercy, give me grace once again.
I’d rather die by your hand, than the sword of sin.”

With tears in his eyes running down his face,
there was an eerie kind of silence that fell in the place.

Suddenly the saber began to rattle in his hand,
as the Giant got up from the floor to stand.

Like a burst of lighting came a beam of light,
striking the tip of his Sword, it was an awesome sight.

The brilliant beam set the Sword aglow,
it covered the Giant from head to toe.

As he swung the Sword, it came to life in his hand,
for it was given authority from the Son of man.

The Evil One was hissing as he coiled in retreat,
For he knew very soon he would face defeat.

In desperation he shouted out, “I fear no man,
except the anointed Sword you hold in your hand.”

The Giant raised the Sword with accuracy and skill,
“Just one swift blow will do the kill.”

The Evil One said in a quivering voice,
“Allow me to have another choice.

Let me live and I’ll bring treasures to you,
with fame and riches to spend as you choose.

But if I die, he said with a hiss,
I’ll be sent to hell in the black abyss.

There my master will show no mercy on me.
So what do you say? Let me go free.”

All the Evil One saw was a gleam from the blade.
A swish kind of sound is all that it made.

And the only evidence that was lingering there,
was a vapor of black smoke disappearing in the air.

The warfare is not with the failure of men,
But against powers of darkness, the rulers of sin.

The Herald in the room spoke again once more.
“Now leave this place and go to war.”

The Giant walked out of the “Drinking Pub Inn,”
with the Sword of the Spirit, he was victorious again.