Saturday, February 5, 2011

His Compassionate Touch

                                                             His Compassionate Touch
Luke 6:19
By Kurt Hardy

Proud and arrogant I was a self-made man.
I would design my destiny for I had a plan.
Only the weak of soul and poverty of mind,
believe there is a God who’s Holy and Divine.

I was smart and at the top of my class,
men of intelligence alone would last.

All of my investments turned to gold,
I was a winner who was brave and bold.
I threw the parties and I had fun.
“My life is my own,” I told everyone.

But, it wasn’t very long before I was told
that boozing and partying had taken a toll.

My finances dried up from poor choices I made.
Securities I trusted in, all began to fade.
Through my own conceit, I lost my family and wife.
Now I was pondering how I might take my own life.

I began walking aimlessly down a lonely dark road,
when I stopped by an old church, where I was once told;

“That all who came in, to rest or stayed.
God would hear, every word they’d pray.”

Weary and tired I sat down on the pew,
not knowing how to pray or what to do.
I bent to my knees, and then bowed my head.
Halting with hesitation, I slowly said;

“Oh God if you are real, please hear my prayer,
for me to live or die, I no longer care.

I lay at Your feet my foolish pride,
forgive my sins and be my Lord and guide.

For the burdens I carry are too heavy for me.
Please have mercy and set my soul free.”
No refuge could I find to save my soul,
until Christ saved me and took control.

I left the church and went outside.
My life was renewed, for the old one had died.

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