Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Matthew 2:1
By Kurt Hardy

It came upon a midnight clear
a star shown bright it drew me near

Where I saw a stable
and there a manger

There was a family and shepherds
I alone was the stranger

What did I see on that Christmas Morn?
But a baby called Jesus he was born
Voices were whispering I heard them say
“Unto us the Savior was born today”

I was humbled when I saw Him that day
and felt a sense to bow and pray
Then a voice inside my soul
with these words I was told

“The Child you see is My beloved Son
He will reign and rule in the world to come

His life will be given as a ransom for sin
offering eternal life for the souls of men”

Every since that Christmas morn
I saw with my eyes the Christ child born
I have given my life to Him alone
And some day heaven will be my home

I Live Because Of Him

I Live Because of Him
John 3:16
By Kurt Hardy

I live for Christ and Him alone
His blood on Calvary my sins atoned

I give to Him all I am
My life I trust to His command

I bestow to Him all I own
Heaven’s my goal, earth’s not my home

I live because He forgave my sin
Saved by Grace I’m born again

The King Is Born

The King Is Born
Matthew 2:2
By Kurt Hardy

I traveled with the crowds to Bethlehem
to register my taxes that day

But when I got there, I couldn’t believe
there was no place at all to stay

The innkeeper said I could stay out back
in the corral if I was able

“You’ll have to sleep on the hay I’m sorry
for a family is already lodged in the stable”

The sky was crystal clear
on that cold December night

Then I saw a beautiful star
that became extremely bright

Suddenly it started coming towards me
and in fear I fell to my knees

The shinning star lit up the whole place
so I held up my hand and covered my face

Such a strange thing I begin to wonder why
when I heard from the stable, a little baby cry

With trembling hands, I felt so weak
I opened the door to take a peek

There in the manger I saw a wonderful sight
A beautiful baby was born in the night

I heard humble shepherds in unison say
“This is our King born to us this day”

There also came wise men with gifts to bring
and together they began a song to sing
The King is Bore

“We three wise men from the orient are
we came to give worship by following the star

And now with our eyes we surely have seen
The Son of God born King of Kings”

I felt such joy deep down in my heart
I lingered long before I had to depart

My eyes were heavy and I fell off to sleep
but the peace of God in my heart I did keep

A few hours later, it was early dawn
I ran to the stable but the family was gone

I pondered the meaning of that wonderful sight
the majesty and splendor that I saw in the night

I packed my bags and was gone that day
but my heart was heavy and I began to pray

“Dear God You know my life is right
Please reveal what I saw last night”

Then His Spirit came over me
and I heard Him say so tenderly

“Last night I showed you My most Holy Son
and you’ll see Him again when His work is done

There’s one more thing I want you to know
Joseph of Arimathaea… I love you so”