Thursday, November 25, 2010

In His Hands

In His Hand
John 10:28
BY Kurt Hardy

I don’t have a lot of education
and that goes for money too
I’m looking for work all over town
In a pair of worn out shoes

I don’t have many things in life
but this I understand
I’ve got the Lord and He’s got me
in the center of His hand

I have a wife and three hungry kids
I kissed them good-by today
“Now don’t worry about daddy
cause he’ll find a job some way

And mama just keep on believing
I know everything will be all-right
For the Lord will make away for me
to bring groceries home tonight”

I went to every shop in town
they all seemed to say
“I would like to hire you my friend
but there’s just no work today”

I kept looking for work and praying
until the sun drifted slowly down
‘Lord” I said “Have mercy on me”
as my tears fell to the ground

“Lord, you know I’m strong and willing
to work in the sun all day
But I’ve got to bring groceries home tonight
or what will my family say

The wind was blowing a cold winter breeze
I could feel the evening chill
I turned up my collar and started for home,
when the breeze blew by a twenty dollar bill.

I fell to my knees on the sidewalk.
I couldn’t help but cry.
“Lord you provided money for me
enough for groceries to buy”

At home we held hands and then said grace.
“Lord we thank you for the bounty you bring…”
as the kids sneaked a peeked at the potato pie.
Suddenly the phone started to ring.

The voice was excited at the end of the line.
“ I know I am calling you late,
but you came looking for work today.
Could you start tomorrow at eight?”

The Lord is always faithful
in every thing He says He’ll do
What He’s done for me my brother
I know He’ll do for you