Tuesday, June 29, 2010

House of the Rising Sun
By Kurt Hardy

There is a house down in San Antone
Called the House of the Rising Sun

It’s there that lives have wasted away
And God I know I am one

Mama always told me about God’s Holy Word
How His promises could set my soul free

But I wouldn’t listen to what mama said
Now drugs have a hold on me

I told myself it was a visit; I wasn’t gonna to stay very long
Just wanted to look and see, it wouldn’t get a hold on me
But my friend, I was so very wrong

Now every night and day, I can’t get away
From the pipe that is in my hand

My head spins around, like a slave I am bound
This is not, the future I had planned

So parents tell your children, not to do what I’ve done

Living a life of shame, with misery and pain
In the House, of the Rising Sun

Monday, June 28, 2010

To My Angel Love

To my Angel Love
On our anniversary
By Kurt Hardy

I’ve never been to heaven,
nor seen an angel it is true.

But if I ever get there,
that’s where I’ll see you.

When God formed the earth,
and made the skies above.

That is when He made you,
and filled you with His love.

Then He sent you on angel’s wings,
in a flaming chariot of fire

to a lonely man who needed love,
and you filled his every desire.

For all these years we have lived together,
you have filled me with a heavenly bliss.

And Angel love… what I enjoy the most,
is when you’re in my arms and we kiss.

Happy anniversary my love

Friday, June 4, 2010

No Other Name
Acts 4:12
By Kurt Hardy

Our God is always faithful,
even though we often fail.

He knows about our weakness,
and that our bodies are frail.

But by His grace and mercy,
In His hand we shall remain.

For strength can only come,
In the power of Jesus name.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rag Doll

Rag Doll
John 8:3-11
By Kurt Hardy

She was a woman of the street,
that no one cared to love.
Her hair was scraggly, clothes all worn,
she was known as a fallen dove.

Once admired as a beauty queen,
and sang at Carnegie hall.
Jewels of gold on every finger
men of distinction would call.

She use to live in a house on a hill,
but her parents were seldom there.
Her heart longed to be truly loved,
just to hear someone say ‘they cared.’

Nightly she would go to the parties,
hoping to meet someone new.
A man of position and character,
who would always be faithful and true.

But when the parties had ended
and the crowds had gone home,
The Nightingale would often wale,
“please, don’t leave me here alone.”

Soon she began to take her comfort,
drinking from a glass of Champaign
‘No more lonely nights for me,
this wine will heal my pain.”

Booze became her new lover,
every night she drank her brew.
Men began to call on her,
like men will often do.

The booze began to take her voice,
and she no longer was able to sing.
So she sold her beautiful clothes,
and all her jewelry and rings

Alone and destitute of earthy wares,
at night, under a lamp post she’d sing.
“Oh, that love would come my way
with a future of hope to bring.”

Then a man who caught her eye,
said her wish had just come true.
“Come with me and we shall dine,
and your dreams I’ll bring to you.”

She gave her heart away to him,
and went to his bedroom place.
But love was not to be given,
for she fell that night from grace.

He used her for his own pleasure,
then tossed her back to the street.
No longer desired as a beauty queen,
just a rag doll, all broken and beat.

To the river’s edge she stood that night,
broken hearted, her life she would end.
Her world of emptiness she could not bare,
to live a life without love or a friend.

Thinking to leave a note behind,
but who would care to read?
A rag doll, no one cared at all,
of her broken heart and needs.

About to jump into the raging waters,
in the cold still darkness of night.
She heard a strong yet tender voice,
from a whirlwind that was fiery bight.

“Stop My child! Do yourself no harm,
for I have come to rescue you.
I know your heartaches and your pain,
I offer you a life brand new.”

“Who are you Lord, that I might know,
this life you have offered to me?
Tell me sir, what is your name,
that I may hope to believe?

“I AM the great I AM,
without Beginning or End.
The Most high God and Savior,
Your forever Lord and friend.”

“Oh Lord have mercy and save me,
from this bondage that I am in.
This night I offer my life to You,
please forgive me of all my sins.”

Inside the fiery whirlwind,
I saw what looked like a man.
Then He spoke with authority,
and gave a special command.

“I will restore your voice again,
and bring back your fortune too.
Because you have trusted in Me,
I will return them all to you.”

Now I have a family,
a husband who is faithful and true.
What God has done for me my friend,
I know, He will do the same for you.