Monday, May 17, 2010

My Love For You

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My Love For You
By Kurt Hardy
John 3:16

If you could count the stars of heaven,
you would begin to know My love for you.

If you could number the sands on the earth,
My blessings would be counted too few.

Come to Me my precious child,
you will be safe from all alarm.

Let Me carry your burdens, I'll kiss away your tears,
and hold you in the love of My arms.

My Prayer

My Prayer
By Kurt Hardy

I asked God to bring me Good Things.
Then an opportunity came my way.

“Lord,” I said, with hesitation and dread,
“This is not what I meant, when I prayed!

You sent me a Challenge, not an opportunity.
This isolation is more than I can bear.”

He whispered to me so tenderly,
“I heard the words of your prayer.

I am giving to you on this special day,
a gift, Called the ‘Ministry of Love’

I will put My Spirit of love, into your heart.
My presence shall be like a soft gentle dove.”

“But Lord, how can I do this?
I can’t even love myself!”

“What I’ve called you to do, is not about you,
but sharing My Love, with every one else.

I chose you from the beginning of time,
not because you were anything less.

But because you have a great work to do,
and in doing it, you shall surely be blessed.

I love you My child more than this world,
even from the beginning of time.

And always remember you are in My heart.
I am so proud, that I can call you mine.”