Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mighty One

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(A song)
By Kurt Hardy

God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit
Is a mighty one.

The Father commanded and His Son obeyed
The spirit gave life to all that He made.

Then the Father said, let the world be free
from its' burden of sin and its' misery.

So Jesus died on Calvary's cross
to rescue the dying and to save the lost.

God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit
Is a Mighty One.

He's given to you and He's given to me
His endless love for eternity.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary And Martha

Mary and Martha
Kurt Hardy
Luke 10:39-42

“Jesus, please tell Mary to help me with my chores
I need her to peel potatoes and mop up the floors.

I know she hangs onto every word you have said
But, could you tell her to set the table and make up her bed?”

Jesus said to Martha so tender and sweet,
“Mary’s tears from her eyes has washed my feet.
This day she has revealed the burdens of her soul,
And I’ve healed her broken heart and made her whole.”

Then Jesus looked deeply into Martha’s eyes,
“Martha, Martha do you realize…how you strive for things in life?

I know your desire, for it burns like a fire
to someday become a wife.
Caring for your family, always needs to be done,
however Mary has discovered that I’m God’s Son

She has chosen to give Me honor, this very day
And her reward shall never be taken away.”

Friday, April 2, 2010

Second Chance

Second Chance
By Kurt Hardy (II Corinthians 6:2)

The hospital room was dimly lit,
medical staff surrounded the bed.

“He might live throughout the night.”
“I doubt it,” another one said.

I was curious who the person might be,
so I walked to the bed and saw it was me!

“Oh my God, my God” I shouted out in fear.
“Doctor save me”, but he didn’t seem to hear.

Then the Doc said “Nurse call the next of kin,
this one’s going to die, not much time left for him.”

“Not much time” I thought to my self.
They’re talking about me and nobody else!

“Hey nurse,” I shouted, to make my plea.
She turned around and walked past me.

“Oh no” I thought, this can not be!
I see them, but they can’t see me”

What was I doing here in a hospital bed?
If I’m not alive, then I must be dead.

But I couldn’t have died! I was just walking down the street.
In fact, on my way to church for a new friend to meet.

He kept telling me “you need Jesus to forgive your sins,”
And then added, “He’ll save your soul and be your best friend.”

“Not now,” I told him. “I’m as happy as can be,
I’ve got my life planned out just waiting for me.”

“I don’t need your religion or a place to go to church.
If I were looking for God, I’d want something that works.

There are too many hypocrites who go to church on Sunday,
then act like the devil at work on Monday.

No! religion will not get a hold of me,
I want my freedom and my liberty.”

Then I turned around and just walked away.
Those were the last words I said that day.

Crossing the street the light was green,
or was it red when I heard a scream?

“He’s been hit by a bus,” the people were saying.
Then I heard a voice so quietly praying.

“Lord let this man live, don’t let him die.
Give him a second chance and tell him why.”

Now I remembered what happened that day,
I was crossing the street and didn’t look both ways.

In the hospital, I felt a sharp pain in my chest,
I was struggling for air and doing my best.

I could heard the bleeping monitor begin to slow down,
suddenly I stopped breathing, and no pulse was found.

That was my last breath. Now I will face eternity.
Would I go to heaven or hell, what will happen to me?

They rolled me out on the gurney, a sheet covered my head.
I was looking down at myself and couldn’t believe I was dead.

“Dear Jesus”, I cried. “Please let me live,
my life to You I promise to give.

I did not know, I just didn’t feel,
that Heaven or Hell was a place that’s real.

I see only darkness, I feel cold and alone.
I want You as my Savior and Heaven my home.

I beg You dear God, have mercy on me.
Give me a second chance and set me free.

I felt a warm sensation from my fingers to my toes.
My lungs gasped for air and then I arose.

Nurses were screaming and running everywhere,
all the doctors turned pale and could only stare.

“I’m alive, I’m alive,” as I pulled the sheet from my head
and then wrapped it around me as I got out of bed.

“Heaven is real and so is the place called hell.
I am going to preach the Gospel to the world I will tell.”

Now this poem has a message I want to give,
that life is terminal, so how will you live?

All who are living are in the power of God’s hand,
whether long or short He determines the plan.

Will you give your heart to Jesus, will you now pray?
This is the hope of this writer, that you do it today.

Say It

"Say It"
by Kurt Hardy

If you have a song in your heart
Then sing it

If you have a word of praise
Then bring it

If you have a dream in your soul
Then do it

Now with all your strength and might
pursue it