Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go And Tell

“Go And Tell”
By Kurt Hardy (Romans 10:14)

How shall they call upon Him
in whom they’ve not believed?

Their burdens of sin, they carry within
How shall they be relieved?

How shall they call upon Him
In whom they’ve never heard?

To know in their heart, God will never depart,
there is power in His Holy Word.

How shall they call upon Him
If no one goes to preach?

Will you go my friend, will you now begin,
that a lost soul today might be reached?

The Key

"The Key"
By Retired Deputy Sheriff / Rev. Kurt Hardy

At the top of the hill as I looked down
I saw prisoners in the court- yard all shackled down

From behind those walls of dark despair
I heard their voices crying out from there

"Send us the Gospel, the Word of Truth
Unshackle our chains and set us loose

For in this prison of unbelief and doubt
We will hopelessly die and never get out”

Who but a Savior can set them free,
from sin and death with it's misery?

They moaned and groaned with chains on tight
Gazing hopelessly through bars at the pale moonlight

And outside their walls I held "The Key,"
the Gospel of Truth that could set them free

But dare I leave the comfort of my home,
to enter their prison of darkness alone?

I pondered the danger that might come to me,
should I enter that place to set them free?

In fear I turned away from those dreadful prison doors,
For I couldn't bear to hear their cries anymore

I took two steps...maybe three or four,
but I knew I had to return, again once more

I said to myself...'my life's not my own
I must do battle for souls in that spirit war-zone"

I gathered together all the courage I could,
when a dark evil spirit in front of me stood.

It was the spirit of fear standing before my face
He threatened and warned me not to go to his place

A great chain of bondage he held up to me...
and screamed "Don't you dare go inside…

For if you do I’ll put these shackles on you,
and my prisoner you'll be till you die"

I fell to my knees and began to shake
"Lord strengthen me for the Gospel's sake"

Suddenly from the sky shot a blazing light,
it lit up the place, it was an amazing sight

A voiced from heaven sounded loud and clear
"My son trust in me, not the threats of fear"

Then the light covered a ball of fire,
giving me strength and power with a burning desire.

Then I heard a voice in the middle of the flame,
"Set the prisoners free in the POWER OF MY NAME.”

Entering the prison I swung the gate open wide,
unshackled the prisoners who were locked inside

I told then "Jesus was the one who held is the key.
Now receive His salvation, for His word sets you free"

Will You Go

Will You Go With Me?
Matthew 28:19-20
By Retired Dep. Kurt Hardy

Walking through the neighborhood, I began to realize
there were so many people suffering, tears filled my eyes.

A man digging for food from a garbage pail,
his mind was messed-up, his life had failed.

Off to my right, there must be a dozen or more,
drug dealers and thieves, pimps and whores.

This is the city that I grew up in
where troubled little boys become angry grown men.

“Tell me my brother, will you go with me and pray,
will you help take the Gospel to the dying today?

Who will care enough to help them through?
Tell me my friend, what would Jesus do?”

In the shadows of an alley, there lies a man,
drunk on the ground with a bottle in his hand.

Then two others pull off his shoes and coat,
to meet the “connection” to buy booze or dope.

Angry young people running all through the night,
joining gangs, stealing cars and looking for a fight.

“Tell me my brother, will you go with me and pray
will you help take the Gospel to the dying today?”

“Who will care enough to help them through?
Tell my friend what would Jesus do?”