Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Matthew 2:1
By Kurt Hardy

It came upon a midnight clear
a star shown bright it drew me near

Where I saw a stable
and there a manger

There was a family and shepherds
I alone was the stranger

What did I see on that Christmas Morn?
But a baby called Jesus he was born
Voices were whispering I heard them say
“Unto us the Savior was born today”

I was humbled when I saw Him that day
and felt a sense to bow and pray
Then a voice inside my soul
with these words I was told

“The Child you see is My beloved Son
He will reign and rule in the world to come

His life will be given as a ransom for sin
offering eternal life for the souls of men”

Every since that Christmas morn
I saw with my eyes the Christ child born
I have given my life to Him alone
And some day heaven will be my home

I Live Because Of Him

I Live Because of Him
John 3:16
By Kurt Hardy

I live for Christ and Him alone
His blood on Calvary my sins atoned

I give to Him all I am
My life I trust to His command

I bestow to Him all I own
Heaven’s my goal, earth’s not my home

I live because He forgave my sin
Saved by Grace I’m born again

The King Is Born

The King Is Born
Matthew 2:2
By Kurt Hardy

I traveled with the crowds to Bethlehem
to register my taxes that day

But when I got there, I couldn’t believe
there was no place at all to stay

The innkeeper said I could stay out back
in the corral if I was able

“You’ll have to sleep on the hay I’m sorry
for a family is already lodged in the stable”

The sky was crystal clear
on that cold December night

Then I saw a beautiful star
that became extremely bright

Suddenly it started coming towards me
and in fear I fell to my knees

The shinning star lit up the whole place
so I held up my hand and covered my face

Such a strange thing I begin to wonder why
when I heard from the stable, a little baby cry

With trembling hands, I felt so weak
I opened the door to take a peek

There in the manger I saw a wonderful sight
A beautiful baby was born in the night

I heard humble shepherds in unison say
“This is our King born to us this day”

There also came wise men with gifts to bring
and together they began a song to sing
The King is Bore

“We three wise men from the orient are
we came to give worship by following the star

And now with our eyes we surely have seen
The Son of God born King of Kings”

I felt such joy deep down in my heart
I lingered long before I had to depart

My eyes were heavy and I fell off to sleep
but the peace of God in my heart I did keep

A few hours later, it was early dawn
I ran to the stable but the family was gone

I pondered the meaning of that wonderful sight
the majesty and splendor that I saw in the night

I packed my bags and was gone that day
but my heart was heavy and I began to pray

“Dear God You know my life is right
Please reveal what I saw last night”

Then His Spirit came over me
and I heard Him say so tenderly

“Last night I showed you My most Holy Son
and you’ll see Him again when His work is done

There’s one more thing I want you to know
Joseph of Arimathaea… I love you so”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

In His Hands

In His Hand
John 10:28
BY Kurt Hardy

I don’t have a lot of education
and that goes for money too
I’m looking for work all over town
In a pair of worn out shoes

I don’t have many things in life
but this I understand
I’ve got the Lord and He’s got me
in the center of His hand

I have a wife and three hungry kids
I kissed them good-by today
“Now don’t worry about daddy
cause he’ll find a job some way

And mama just keep on believing
I know everything will be all-right
For the Lord will make away for me
to bring groceries home tonight”

I went to every shop in town
they all seemed to say
“I would like to hire you my friend
but there’s just no work today”

I kept looking for work and praying
until the sun drifted slowly down
‘Lord” I said “Have mercy on me”
as my tears fell to the ground

“Lord, you know I’m strong and willing
to work in the sun all day
But I’ve got to bring groceries home tonight
or what will my family say

The wind was blowing a cold winter breeze
I could feel the evening chill
I turned up my collar and started for home,
when the breeze blew by a twenty dollar bill.

I fell to my knees on the sidewalk.
I couldn’t help but cry.
“Lord you provided money for me
enough for groceries to buy”

At home we held hands and then said grace.
“Lord we thank you for the bounty you bring…”
as the kids sneaked a peeked at the potato pie.
Suddenly the phone started to ring.

The voice was excited at the end of the line.
“ I know I am calling you late,
but you came looking for work today.
Could you start tomorrow at eight?”

The Lord is always faithful
in every thing He says He’ll do
What He’s done for me my brother
I know He’ll do for you

Monday, July 26, 2010

To My Precious One

To My Precious One

Jeremiah 3:14 (a)

By Kurt Hardy

I love you my precious one and miss you so very much. I just had to write you this letter and try to express how much I really need you. I know I must be patient and wait for you to return to me. It has to be your choice.

Just the other day I was thinking about the affections you have been giving recently to “those others” in your life. I have to let you know that it makes me sick at heart because I am so very lonely for you.

My dear one, since you walked away there has been a multitude of others who have clambered for my affections. I do not say this to make you jealous, although I wish you were, but only to say…. I will never allow anything to separate my love for you. There is no one, who could ever take your place in my heart.

Each week it seems you are seeing a different new friend. It really hurts me to see how willing you are to spend time with them. You take them to places, even buy them gifts. You never were willing to do that for me.

Oh my love, I probably should not tell you this, but one day I saw you walking with your “latest.” I had the strongest urge to run up to you and say, “Hi, do you remember me?” But I could never do that because it might bring you embarrassment or even hurt you.

I know of the recent pain and disappointment you have been going through, the loss of your job and how the bills keep piling up. Sometimes I wonder if that is why you have stopped calling on me. Don’t you know there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help you? Why have you turned away?

Please know this my precious one. I will always be here to help you and to give my self completely to you. I just want to hold you again in my arms so I can love you.

Please come back to me. I promise, I will never leave or abandon you. For my love for you is deeper than the deepest sea, wider than all the oceans of the world.

I need you, forever and for always. With all my love,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

House of the Rising Sun
By Kurt Hardy

There is a house down in San Antone
Called the House of the Rising Sun

It’s there that lives have wasted away
And God I know I am one

Mama always told me about God’s Holy Word
How His promises could set my soul free

But I wouldn’t listen to what mama said
Now drugs have a hold on me

I told myself it was a visit; I wasn’t gonna to stay very long
Just wanted to look and see, it wouldn’t get a hold on me
But my friend, I was so very wrong

Now every night and day, I can’t get away
From the pipe that is in my hand

My head spins around, like a slave I am bound
This is not, the future I had planned

So parents tell your children, not to do what I’ve done

Living a life of shame, with misery and pain
In the House, of the Rising Sun

Monday, June 28, 2010

To My Angel Love

To my Angel Love
On our anniversary
By Kurt Hardy

I’ve never been to heaven,
nor seen an angel it is true.

But if I ever get there,
that’s where I’ll see you.

When God formed the earth,
and made the skies above.

That is when He made you,
and filled you with His love.

Then He sent you on angel’s wings,
in a flaming chariot of fire

to a lonely man who needed love,
and you filled his every desire.

For all these years we have lived together,
you have filled me with a heavenly bliss.

And Angel love… what I enjoy the most,
is when you’re in my arms and we kiss.

Happy anniversary my love

Friday, June 4, 2010

No Other Name
Acts 4:12
By Kurt Hardy

Our God is always faithful,
even though we often fail.

He knows about our weakness,
and that our bodies are frail.

But by His grace and mercy,
In His hand we shall remain.

For strength can only come,
In the power of Jesus name.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rag Doll

Rag Doll
John 8:3-11
By Kurt Hardy

She was a woman of the street,
that no one cared to love.
Her hair was scraggly, clothes all worn,
she was known as a fallen dove.

Once admired as a beauty queen,
and sang at Carnegie hall.
Jewels of gold on every finger
men of distinction would call.

She use to live in a house on a hill,
but her parents were seldom there.
Her heart longed to be truly loved,
just to hear someone say ‘they cared.’

Nightly she would go to the parties,
hoping to meet someone new.
A man of position and character,
who would always be faithful and true.

But when the parties had ended
and the crowds had gone home,
The Nightingale would often wale,
“please, don’t leave me here alone.”

Soon she began to take her comfort,
drinking from a glass of Champaign
‘No more lonely nights for me,
this wine will heal my pain.”

Booze became her new lover,
every night she drank her brew.
Men began to call on her,
like men will often do.

The booze began to take her voice,
and she no longer was able to sing.
So she sold her beautiful clothes,
and all her jewelry and rings

Alone and destitute of earthy wares,
at night, under a lamp post she’d sing.
“Oh, that love would come my way
with a future of hope to bring.”

Then a man who caught her eye,
said her wish had just come true.
“Come with me and we shall dine,
and your dreams I’ll bring to you.”

She gave her heart away to him,
and went to his bedroom place.
But love was not to be given,
for she fell that night from grace.

He used her for his own pleasure,
then tossed her back to the street.
No longer desired as a beauty queen,
just a rag doll, all broken and beat.

To the river’s edge she stood that night,
broken hearted, her life she would end.
Her world of emptiness she could not bare,
to live a life without love or a friend.

Thinking to leave a note behind,
but who would care to read?
A rag doll, no one cared at all,
of her broken heart and needs.

About to jump into the raging waters,
in the cold still darkness of night.
She heard a strong yet tender voice,
from a whirlwind that was fiery bight.

“Stop My child! Do yourself no harm,
for I have come to rescue you.
I know your heartaches and your pain,
I offer you a life brand new.”

“Who are you Lord, that I might know,
this life you have offered to me?
Tell me sir, what is your name,
that I may hope to believe?

“I AM the great I AM,
without Beginning or End.
The Most high God and Savior,
Your forever Lord and friend.”

“Oh Lord have mercy and save me,
from this bondage that I am in.
This night I offer my life to You,
please forgive me of all my sins.”

Inside the fiery whirlwind,
I saw what looked like a man.
Then He spoke with authority,
and gave a special command.

“I will restore your voice again,
and bring back your fortune too.
Because you have trusted in Me,
I will return them all to you.”

Now I have a family,
a husband who is faithful and true.
What God has done for me my friend,
I know, He will do the same for you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Love For You

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My Love For You
By Kurt Hardy
John 3:16

If you could count the stars of heaven,
you would begin to know My love for you.

If you could number the sands on the earth,
My blessings would be counted too few.

Come to Me my precious child,
you will be safe from all alarm.

Let Me carry your burdens, I'll kiss away your tears,
and hold you in the love of My arms.

My Prayer

My Prayer
By Kurt Hardy

I asked God to bring me Good Things.
Then an opportunity came my way.

“Lord,” I said, with hesitation and dread,
“This is not what I meant, when I prayed!

You sent me a Challenge, not an opportunity.
This isolation is more than I can bear.”

He whispered to me so tenderly,
“I heard the words of your prayer.

I am giving to you on this special day,
a gift, Called the ‘Ministry of Love’

I will put My Spirit of love, into your heart.
My presence shall be like a soft gentle dove.”

“But Lord, how can I do this?
I can’t even love myself!”

“What I’ve called you to do, is not about you,
but sharing My Love, with every one else.

I chose you from the beginning of time,
not because you were anything less.

But because you have a great work to do,
and in doing it, you shall surely be blessed.

I love you My child more than this world,
even from the beginning of time.

And always remember you are in My heart.
I am so proud, that I can call you mine.”

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mighty One

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(A song)
By Kurt Hardy

God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit
Is a mighty one.

The Father commanded and His Son obeyed
The spirit gave life to all that He made.

Then the Father said, let the world be free
from its' burden of sin and its' misery.

So Jesus died on Calvary's cross
to rescue the dying and to save the lost.

God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit
Is a Mighty One.

He's given to you and He's given to me
His endless love for eternity.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary And Martha

Mary and Martha
Kurt Hardy
Luke 10:39-42

“Jesus, please tell Mary to help me with my chores
I need her to peel potatoes and mop up the floors.

I know she hangs onto every word you have said
But, could you tell her to set the table and make up her bed?”

Jesus said to Martha so tender and sweet,
“Mary’s tears from her eyes has washed my feet.
This day she has revealed the burdens of her soul,
And I’ve healed her broken heart and made her whole.”

Then Jesus looked deeply into Martha’s eyes,
“Martha, Martha do you realize…how you strive for things in life?

I know your desire, for it burns like a fire
to someday become a wife.
Caring for your family, always needs to be done,
however Mary has discovered that I’m God’s Son

She has chosen to give Me honor, this very day
And her reward shall never be taken away.”

Friday, April 2, 2010

Second Chance

Second Chance
By Kurt Hardy (II Corinthians 6:2)

The hospital room was dimly lit,
medical staff surrounded the bed.

“He might live throughout the night.”
“I doubt it,” another one said.

I was curious who the person might be,
so I walked to the bed and saw it was me!

“Oh my God, my God” I shouted out in fear.
“Doctor save me”, but he didn’t seem to hear.

Then the Doc said “Nurse call the next of kin,
this one’s going to die, not much time left for him.”

“Not much time” I thought to my self.
They’re talking about me and nobody else!

“Hey nurse,” I shouted, to make my plea.
She turned around and walked past me.

“Oh no” I thought, this can not be!
I see them, but they can’t see me”

What was I doing here in a hospital bed?
If I’m not alive, then I must be dead.

But I couldn’t have died! I was just walking down the street.
In fact, on my way to church for a new friend to meet.

He kept telling me “you need Jesus to forgive your sins,”
And then added, “He’ll save your soul and be your best friend.”

“Not now,” I told him. “I’m as happy as can be,
I’ve got my life planned out just waiting for me.”

“I don’t need your religion or a place to go to church.
If I were looking for God, I’d want something that works.

There are too many hypocrites who go to church on Sunday,
then act like the devil at work on Monday.

No! religion will not get a hold of me,
I want my freedom and my liberty.”

Then I turned around and just walked away.
Those were the last words I said that day.

Crossing the street the light was green,
or was it red when I heard a scream?

“He’s been hit by a bus,” the people were saying.
Then I heard a voice so quietly praying.

“Lord let this man live, don’t let him die.
Give him a second chance and tell him why.”

Now I remembered what happened that day,
I was crossing the street and didn’t look both ways.

In the hospital, I felt a sharp pain in my chest,
I was struggling for air and doing my best.

I could heard the bleeping monitor begin to slow down,
suddenly I stopped breathing, and no pulse was found.

That was my last breath. Now I will face eternity.
Would I go to heaven or hell, what will happen to me?

They rolled me out on the gurney, a sheet covered my head.
I was looking down at myself and couldn’t believe I was dead.

“Dear Jesus”, I cried. “Please let me live,
my life to You I promise to give.

I did not know, I just didn’t feel,
that Heaven or Hell was a place that’s real.

I see only darkness, I feel cold and alone.
I want You as my Savior and Heaven my home.

I beg You dear God, have mercy on me.
Give me a second chance and set me free.

I felt a warm sensation from my fingers to my toes.
My lungs gasped for air and then I arose.

Nurses were screaming and running everywhere,
all the doctors turned pale and could only stare.

“I’m alive, I’m alive,” as I pulled the sheet from my head
and then wrapped it around me as I got out of bed.

“Heaven is real and so is the place called hell.
I am going to preach the Gospel to the world I will tell.”

Now this poem has a message I want to give,
that life is terminal, so how will you live?

All who are living are in the power of God’s hand,
whether long or short He determines the plan.

Will you give your heart to Jesus, will you now pray?
This is the hope of this writer, that you do it today.

Say It

"Say It"
by Kurt Hardy

If you have a song in your heart
Then sing it

If you have a word of praise
Then bring it

If you have a dream in your soul
Then do it

Now with all your strength and might
pursue it

Monday, March 1, 2010


By Kurt Hardy

Segregation is the abomination
of every creed, tongue and nation

It separates the young from the old
the timid from the bold

It favors agendas backed by political choice
where bigotry and intolerance is the ruling voice

It leaves its wound upon the human soul
that people are different and not made whole

They are divided and labeled with prejudice and shame
by hateful groups wanting power and fame

What dynamic can hold, together a nation?
Is it not love and equality instead of segregation

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Got Jesus

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I Got Jesus
(Song) written by Kurt Hardy
January 17, 2010

I don’t drink wine, I don’t drink beer
don’t need alcohol to give me cheer

I don’t use drugs,and don’t smoke grass
To make me feel good or forget my pass

“Now I got Jesus and He’s got me,
He’s the one that set me free

And gives me hope to live again
Jesus is my Lord and very best friend”

Drinking all night in honky tonk bars
Waking up drunk in somebody’s car

Told my family I wouldn’t fail
Then I’d call from the old county jail

“Now I got Jesus and He’s got me,
He’s the one that set me free

And gives me hope to live again
Jesus is my Lord and very best friend”

I use to be a sinner, drinking day and night
Looking for trouble, always end in a fight

But since that time, I asked Jesus in
He saved my soul and broke the power of sin

I don’t drink wine, I don’t drink beer
don’t need alcohol to give to give me cheer

I don’t use drugs, and don’t smoke grass
To make me feel good or forget my pass

“Now I got Jesus and He’s got me,
He’s the one that set me free

And gives me hope to live again
Jesus is my Lord and very best friend”

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lord God Almighty

The Lord God Almighty
Revelation 4:8
By Kurt Hardy

Who is my warrior and redeemer
But He with the flaming sword

He is the one, God’s Holy Son
I rejoice in Jesus my Lord

You are the radiance of heaven’s glory
That is who You are

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings
The bright and morning star

Who is a God like You
That would come to save the lost

You gave Your Son, the Holy One,
To die upon the cross

Now all the angels in heaven
Bow down to Jesus my King

Shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy”
Is the celestial song they sing

Friday, February 5, 2010


By Kurt Hardy
John 15:7

Dear God I ask
please give to me
to know you Lord
more intimately.

Then when You speak
I shall obey
to do Your will
throughout the day

Closer Savior
I want to be
to know You Jesus
more intimately.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go And Tell

“Go And Tell”
By Kurt Hardy (Romans 10:14)

How shall they call upon Him
in whom they’ve not believed?

Their burdens of sin, they carry within
How shall they be relieved?

How shall they call upon Him
In whom they’ve never heard?

To know in their heart, God will never depart,
there is power in His Holy Word.

How shall they call upon Him
If no one goes to preach?

Will you go my friend, will you now begin,
that a lost soul today might be reached?

The Key

"The Key"
By Retired Deputy Sheriff / Rev. Kurt Hardy

At the top of the hill as I looked down
I saw prisoners in the court- yard all shackled down

From behind those walls of dark despair
I heard their voices crying out from there

"Send us the Gospel, the Word of Truth
Unshackle our chains and set us loose

For in this prison of unbelief and doubt
We will hopelessly die and never get out”

Who but a Savior can set them free,
from sin and death with it's misery?

They moaned and groaned with chains on tight
Gazing hopelessly through bars at the pale moonlight

And outside their walls I held "The Key,"
the Gospel of Truth that could set them free

But dare I leave the comfort of my home,
to enter their prison of darkness alone?

I pondered the danger that might come to me,
should I enter that place to set them free?

In fear I turned away from those dreadful prison doors,
For I couldn't bear to hear their cries anymore

I took two steps...maybe three or four,
but I knew I had to return, again once more

I said to myself...'my life's not my own
I must do battle for souls in that spirit war-zone"

I gathered together all the courage I could,
when a dark evil spirit in front of me stood.

It was the spirit of fear standing before my face
He threatened and warned me not to go to his place

A great chain of bondage he held up to me...
and screamed "Don't you dare go inside…

For if you do I’ll put these shackles on you,
and my prisoner you'll be till you die"

I fell to my knees and began to shake
"Lord strengthen me for the Gospel's sake"

Suddenly from the sky shot a blazing light,
it lit up the place, it was an amazing sight

A voiced from heaven sounded loud and clear
"My son trust in me, not the threats of fear"

Then the light covered me...like a ball of fire,
giving me strength and power with a burning desire.

Then I heard a voice in the middle of the flame,
"Set the prisoners free in the POWER OF MY NAME.”

Entering the prison I swung the gate open wide,
unshackled the prisoners who were locked inside

I told then "Jesus was the one who held is the key.
Now receive His salvation, for His word sets you free"

Will You Go

Will You Go With Me?
Matthew 28:19-20
By Retired Dep. Kurt Hardy

Walking through the neighborhood, I began to realize
there were so many people suffering, tears filled my eyes.

A man digging for food from a garbage pail,
his mind was messed-up, his life had failed.

Off to my right, there must be a dozen or more,
drug dealers and thieves, pimps and whores.

This is the city that I grew up in
where troubled little boys become angry grown men.

“Tell me my brother, will you go with me and pray,
will you help take the Gospel to the dying today?

Who will care enough to help them through?
Tell me my friend, what would Jesus do?”

In the shadows of an alley, there lies a man,
drunk on the ground with a bottle in his hand.

Then two others pull off his shoes and coat,
to meet the “connection” to buy booze or dope.

Angry young people running all through the night,
joining gangs, stealing cars and looking for a fight.

“Tell me my brother, will you go with me and pray
will you help take the Gospel to the dying today?”

“Who will care enough to help them through?
Tell my friend what would Jesus do?”