Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am,That I Am

Exodus 3:14
By Kurt Hardy

I AM your dream. I am the one who gives you comfort during your lonely nights. I AM the who dries your eyes when tears fall in the rain that no one sees.

Yes, I AM the one. The one who comforts your broken heart, the one who holds your hand,
I AM the one who feels your pain. I AM the one who understands.

When your nights turn cold and it seems no one cares. I will give you my love, I will always be there. You need not worry or be anxious of tomorrow. I will bring you My Sonshine and lift your heart of sorrow.

Now you shall see, what I AM giving. A new life of hope, with a future for living.
I give you this promise, now put your trust in Me

I AM, THAT I AM, has spoken to you.