Sunday, November 8, 2009

A New Life To Live Story

A New Life To Live
II Corinthians 5:17
By Kurt Hardy

I’ve been sentenced to the gallows
and tomorrow I will die.
Over and over I’ve asked myself why?

All of my life I have lived in shame
from childhood till now, with sorrow and pain.

I thought of God and what I would give
for a second chance, and a new life to live.

If only I could change the evil I have done,
the heartaches and suffering I’ve caused everyone.

However, it is too late. There’s no more hope for me,
that the king’s heart might change and set me free.

From the window in the dungeon the courtyard I could see,
the carpenter building his platform for me.

With every blow of his hammer, my body would shake.
For very soon the hangman, my life he would take.

The carpenter’s tools were put away at last
his work was finished; he was through with his task.

I must get ready for my time is nearly gone.
The jailer and the hangman will come at dawn.

I fell to my knees, bowed my head to pray.
“Please dear Lord, hear what I’ve got to say.

I know I’m guilty for the things I have done,
and rightly so… I should be hung.

But this is not why I’m crying to you,
for after I die, my judgment is due.

My sins are awesome, how many I can’t tell.
But Lord I pray, deliver my soul from hell.

There is no reason at all, You should listen to me.
I’m just a lost sinner filled with shame and misery.

I guess that is all I can say or do.
The rest dear God is up to You.”

Then such a peace came over me.
The first time in my life I truly felt free.

I fell to sleep like a baby in bed.
I meant every word to the Lord I said.

Peacefully I was resting when awaken by a man.
He lifted me to my feet with a strong gentle hand.

I was startled and surprised, wiping sleep from eyes
as I listened to what the stranger had to say.

“The Father up above sends you His love,
He heard you when you began to pray.”

My eyes filled with tears, I couldn’t believe my ears,
of the words that the stranger had to say.

Was he friend or foe? I did not know.
But I hoped he was an angel instead.

“I am indeed what you’ve perceived.
This message I bring is just for you.

When you walk up those steps, have no fear.
You will not die, but I’ll take you through.”

I was mesmerized before I realized
he disappeared in the still of the night.

I reached in the air but he wasn’t there
he was gone and out of sight.

Then I heard chains dragging across the stony floor.
Two strong men laughing as they threw open the door.

One shackled my hands. the other my feet.
“You belong to us until the hangman you meet.”

Hobbling through the courtyard the sky was clear,
but up those thirteen steps, I shuttered and shook with fear.

On the platform I stood, directly over the chute,
I saw the grinning hangman in his black hooded suit.

The hangman’s laughter was ringing in my head.
“If you want to pray, better start right away,
cause you’ll hang by your neck till you’re dead.”

Over my face, he tied the hood in place
and the rope around my neck pulled tight.

With fear and dread, “Oh Lord” I said,
“Didn’t You send me Your angel in the night?

Didn’t he say if I would believe
I wouldn’t die… was I deceived?”

The hangman pulled the little pin,
the chute gave way and I fell in.

I felt a jolt, then a cool gentle breeze.
I thought I was dead, but I could breathe.

I didn’t dare move or say a word,
for fear they would hang me again.

A familiar voice stood next to me.
He said, “Have no fear, I’m your friend.”

They took me down and laid me in the cart,
as they removed the mask from my eyes.

I could see them but they couldn’t see me.
It seemed so strange, I was really surprised.

Then two men pulled the cart away.
I was listening to what they had to say.

“We’ll throw his body on the garbage heap,
then the buzzards will have all they want to eat.”

Fear gripped my heart as I lay in the cart,
“These guys think that I am dead.”

I wanted to shout and tried to jump out,
but I couldn’t even move my head.

This body is mine and I feel just fine,
though something has happened to me.

Then I saw the man who called me His friend,
he said,” Now we must go, you’re totally free.”

I didn’t understand, so he took my hand
and pulled me right out of the cart.

My body stayed right where it layed.
He said, “Hand on, we’re going to depart.”

When I turned around we were off the ground,
thousands of miles in the sky.

I said to the man, “Hang onto my hand,
because I don’t know how to fly.”

The man looked at me with eyes so tenderly,
“Do you remember asking forgiveness of your sin?

That is why God said you wouldn’t die,
you are now joined together with Him.”

Now I am free from sorrow, free from pain,
free from my failures of sin and shame.

My soul was rejoicing and my heart full of bliss,
when suddenly we entered a bright colorful mist

There before us was a great door opened wide,
and like a powerful wind we were sucked inside.

Faster and faster, we began to fly
until we broke through a barrier on the other side.

Then it seemed we suddenly stooped
and the man said “Look and behold.”

It was God’s Holy City so beautiful and pretty,
its streets were paved with gold.

I was joyful with tears as music filled my ears,
it seemed to come from all over the place.

Choir bells started ringing with angels singing
“Praise God for His Amazing Grace.”

Then I was with Jesus, my Wonderful Savior,
with His arms opened up and wide.

“Welcome to your home, sit next to My throne,
forever with Me to reside.”

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