Monday, November 9, 2009

The Garden Party Story

The Garden Party - Story
(Genesis 1-3)
By Kurt Hardy

God put Adam in the garden to abide,
a beautiful place for a man to reside

Then God came to earth from heaven above
and filled the garden with His wonderful love.

Everything in it was peaceful and serene,
before the Serpent came onto the scene

The Lord said to Adam, "You may eat of the vine;
anything you want, the whole garden is mine.

There's just one command I give you from me,
don't eat of the fruit from the ‘Golden Tree’.

For if you desire it with lust in your eye,
the day that you eat it, you will surely die.

I give you the freedom to do as you please,
name all the animals, the birds, and trees.”

So Adam named everything in the garden, every where he looked
He named the flowers the plants and all the fish in the brook

The Lord saw that Adam was sad,
and wanted a mate of his own.

So God put Adam into a very deep sleep
and made woman from a rib of his side.

When he woke up, his life was complete
for the woman was his mate to abide.

Adam was so thankful to be given a wife
that he named her `Eve', the giver of life.

The wedding party was planned
in the garden to celebrate

Sending invitations to all of their friends
Saying “Now don’t you be late.”

First came the Giraffe, the Moose and the Cow,
then flew the Sparrows, the Eagle and the Owl.

Let's not forget the others who were also there,
the Rabbit, the Squirrel and the big Grizzly Bear.

They gathered together and Adam said grace,
"Thank you Dear God for this beautiful place."

Adam and Eve told their guests that day
“enjoy the garden paradice you’re welcome to stay.

You may eat and drink for the food is free,
but touch not the fruit on the Golden Tree.

For God has said “it’s not for us to ponder why
but to obey His word or surely we would die.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the garden back door,
an evil kind of knock they never heard before.

Eve went to see just who it could be,
for all those invited were gathered inside.

She didn't hesitate to open the gate,
for "It might be a friend" she cried.

Much to her surprise, she was completely aghast;
in came a serpent, `that old snake in the grass’.

"So sorry I'm late to your party today...
I must have lost my invite along the way".

Secretly he spoke some words in her ear,
so smooth and quietly the others couldn't hear.

Eve turned towards Adam with a daze in her eyes;
she looked like she had been hypnotized.

She stuttered and mumbled about ‘little foxes on the vine’,
how the grapes were all gone and no more could they find.

Then she said to Adam,“would you go and look around;
search the hills and the valleys, maybe some can be found?"

So Adam took off with the Lion and the Lamb,
Looking everywhere throughout the land.

The serpents’ scheme had worked just fine,
for he had Eve alone for just a bit of time.

"Now listen to my words my darling dear,
there’s no reason for you to have fear!

Why can’t you eat the luscious fruit on the tree,
a little for you and just a small bite for me?"

"Oh no!” said Eve with words like fire,
“ The tree must never be our desire;

for God has said, and I am sure it is true
that if we eat of it, our lives will be through. "

Slowly he slithered on a branch by her head;
these were the words he slyly said,

"You don't believe you would actually die?
It's simply not true, it's nothing but a lie.

The truth about the Golden Tree,
it will make you wise and then you'll see;

You’ll have knowledge of the world
from the beginning to its end...

then you’ll be in control,
instead of Him.

Trust me at this very hour;
eat the fruit, it will give you great power.”

Eve wanted Adam, so she looked around;
but he was gone and couldn't be found.

She looked at the tree, it was a beautiful sight.
thinking of its taste, it would be quite a delight.

As she reached for the fruit on the Golden Tree,
a voice in the wind said so tenderly,

"Don't listen to the serpent, he's not your friend;
for it's his desire that your life should end.

Now quickly turn away from the Golden Tree,
so you can keep your fellowship and walk with me."

Eve immediately turned away and was about to go,
when the serpent said, "Wait, there's something you should know!"

"There's power in the fruit, it will taste very sweet;
then all of God's creation will bow at your feet.

You and Adam will be quite a sensation,
you’ll be equal to God and rule His creation."

Her lust for the fruit burned like fire
and soon it became her only desire

So she reached for it and took a bit for its taste,
and immediately felt ashamed, ran and hid her face.

Fear fell upon the garden on that very day,
thunder and lighting scared the animals away.

Adam searched for Eve, he looked all over the land,
she was hiding in fear with the fruit in her hand.

"Did you eat of the fruit from the Golden Tree?
Don't you know you will die and depart from me?"

Adam was afraid he would be left alone again,
so he ate of the fruit though he knew it was a sin.

Both were trembling and filled with fright,
they hid in the bushes throughout the night.

When the sun arose in the early morning dawn,
all the beauty of the garden and the animals were gone.

Then a voice so familiar fell upon their ear;
a sound of love and joy, a voice of cheer.

"Oh Adam and Eve, my created delight,
why have you ran and hid from my sight?

Did you eat of the fruit from the Golden Tree,
is that why you're afraid to come to me?

You believed the created more than your Creator,
the serpent lied to you when he said you'd be greater.

Now know for sure a penalty you will pay,
from this beautiful garden I must turn you away.

You will clear the land and strain at the plow,
tilling the ground by the sweat of your brow.

And as for your wife, the thing she has done;
in great pain and agony, she will bear your sons.

You have broken my commandment and committed this sin;
by the blood of an animal, you'll be clothed with its skin.

Its' life for yours will be a sacrifice to me,
for its blood shall wash and make you free.

And as for you 'Oh serpent', full of lust and desire,
I've reserved a place for you in the lake of fire.

Now go my children throughout the land,
multiply and be fruitful and obey my commands.

Know that I love you much more than a friend,
I'll be with you forever until I come back again.”

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