Friday, November 6, 2009

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift
Proverbs 18:6
By Kurt Hardy

I went to church on Christmas day
the wind was blowing in the cold

So I took off my hat, sat in the back
and listened to the words I was told

The preacher cried, “The reason Jesus died,
was for the prisoners of sin to be free.”

Then he said, “Christ arose from the dead
to give life to those who would believe.”

When the minister was threw
he said “what will you do
with the gift God offers today?”

I bowed my head, these words I said
“Dear Jesus, come into my heart I pray.”

I felt so good, I jumped and stood
with a grin all over my face.

The Lord saved my soul and made me whole
my life has been changed through His grace.

Then the preacher said as he passed the plate
“Now give from your heart and don’t hesitate.”

I reached into my pocket to give all that I had
but it was only a quarter, I felt ashamed and sad.

I said, “Lord my family is down with the flu
and I’ve been out of work for a month or two.

All I’ve got is this harmonica in my hand.
It’s certainly not like a big church band.

But let me tell you Lord, what I’d love to do
I’ll go to the park and play my music for you.”

It made me feel good to give in this way.
I didn’t have money, but I had music to play.

I took off my hat and knelt on the ground,
gave thanks to God for the new life I’d found.

Then I began to play “Amazing Grace”
when suddenly tears poured down my face.

A large crowd of people seemed to gather around.
They began dropping dollar bills, in my hat on the ground.

I couldn’t believe when I was praying
God would meet my needs while I was playing.

I hurried home to tell my wife
how God saved my soul and changed my life.

I told her of the miracle He provided for me,
when she said with joy so cheerfully,

“I am healed and the kids are too,
and none of us are sick or down with the flu.”

We all held hands and began to pray
to thank God for His Gift on Christmas day.

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