Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Country Cowboy

The Country Cowboy
By Kurt Hardy

I thank God I’m a Christian Cowboy
Got no worries, cause I’m care free

Whether mending fence or riding herd
Country living is the life for me

At evening time, my blanket’s by the fire
Where the nights are quite and still

I love to hear the coyotes howl
And the sounds of the whippoorwill

No artist could ever paint
The beauty I get to see

Green valleys of purple flora
Wild flowers and desert trees

I see a covey of quail, hiding in the willow grass
Just like little statues, waiting for me to pass

The majestic mountains all covered with snow
There’s beauty everywhere I look

Meadows are filled with rivers and streams
And there’s trout in every brook

As I gaze into the big blue sky
The air is so clean and clear

I see a hawk circling above
A heard of Ring Tail deer

I thank God I’m a country cowboy
My horse may be all that I own

But I never feel poor or lonely
Because…country to a cowboy is home

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