Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jesus,My Higher Power

Jesus, My Higher Power
By Kurt Hardy

I remember the times I’d drive my car
Down to Woody’s Disco bar

After drinking a few whiskey sourer’s
I’d feel warm and good, full of power

Shouting out, “I’m the master of my soul”
Yet I knew all along, the booze had control

I would pour my emotions into a glass
Then drink them down and hope they’d last

Falling to sleep like a sheep in clover
I’d wake up sick and start all over

I promised my loved ones and told my friends
That this was the last time I’d ever do it again

For a while I did great, I was doing what was right
Going to work each day and coming home every night

Through the passage of time, I thought I was free
Until that bottle of booze started talking to me

“Hello there friend, why don’t we get together,
It’s been awhile since we seen each other.”

I said, “Well maybe some 7-up or dinner wine,
But only a small glass in the evening time.”

We sat by the fire, the music was playing
After a few glasses my head was swaying

We had lots of laughs, a good time for sure
This time I had control and I felt secure

Secretly we would meet at our special place
No one could see us, there’d be no disgrace

Then my friend demanded more of my time
The booze took my money, to the very last dime

My friend became my enemy, but I couldn’t let it go
When I demanded it to leave me, it just said “No.”

Soon it stole my family and then it took my home
After I lost my job and car, I was on my own

Wandering the streets without a single thing
Needing a drink so bad, I sold my wedding ring

Sleeping in an alley by a garbage bin
Holding tightly to the bottle, I called my friend

One night I was thinking how life might be
If booze didn’t have a hold on me

Looking up in the sky, I saw a star up there
It reminded me of church, of God and prayer

“Oh God, please have mercy on me
Forgive my sins and set me free

Without Your help, I know I am dead,
I mean it Lord,” that’s what I said

I felt God’s Spirit inside of me
His joy and love so peacefully

I knew just why I was feeling this way
The Lord saw my heart, when He heard my prayer

I threw away my bottle into that old garbage bin
And shouted “you’re gone forever, I have a brand new friend”

I walked down that alley and out into the street
Found a little gospel church, where AA meets

Now since that day, I go every single night
I’ve been living good and doing what is right

I love going to those meetings that I attend
Because people there understand where I’ve been

And when it is time for the testimony hour
I boldly say “Jesus…is my higher power”

Thank You Lord for saving me
Now help me to learn and accept

The responsibilities You have given me
By following those Twelve Steps

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Country Cowboy

The Country Cowboy
By Kurt Hardy

I thank God I’m a Christian Cowboy
Got no worries, cause I’m care free

Whether mending fence or riding herd
Country living is the life for me

At evening time, my blanket’s by the fire
Where the nights are quite and still

I love to hear the coyotes howl
And the sounds of the whippoorwill

No artist could ever paint
The beauty I get to see

Green valleys of purple flora
Wild flowers and desert trees

I see a covey of quail, hiding in the willow grass
Just like little statues, waiting for me to pass

The majestic mountains all covered with snow
There’s beauty everywhere I look

Meadows are filled with rivers and streams
And there’s trout in every brook

As I gaze into the big blue sky
The air is so clean and clear

I see a hawk circling above
A heard of Ring Tail deer

I thank God I’m a country cowboy
My horse may be all that I own

But I never feel poor or lonely
Because…country to a cowboy is home