Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wind,Earth And Fire

I Kings 19:11-12
By Kurt Hardy

In the cave God spoke to Elijah
He said, “Listen to what I say
It's not by wind, earth and fire
I speak in a soft and tender way

Men shall boast of their triumphs
and you say your life is through!
Have no fear my precious child
For the Lord your God is with you

Who created the heavenly stars
and all the fish in the sea?
Who made the majestic mountains
and also the honey bee?

Who can make the sun to shine
and hold the wind in his hand?
Put your trust in the power of God
and not in the strength of man

Have no fear, I'm with you
For you are my loving desire
and I will take you through…
The Wind, Earth and Fire”


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