Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Praying To God

Kurt Hardy

Here I am in my closet place
worshiping God upon my face,

Not aware of the passing time
resting in His love and peace of mind.

How can I give you glory today
as I listen to what God might say.

I heard no thunder nor did lightning strike,
the earth didn't quake, by the power of His might.

Intently I waited for what I might hear,
His gentle voice whispered in my ear

"Spread peace, good will, go tell all men
there's hope and forgiveness for all their sin.

I'll lead them from darkness to the pathway of light,
their Shepherd in the day and their protector at night

All who will come and follow me,
I'll give them new life for eternity."

That was all I heard my Saviour say,
with joy in my heart I left that day.

As I travel the highways and walk through the streets,
I proclaim the Good News to all that I meet.

God's love fills my heart, His joy's on my face
I found it by prayer in my little closet place.

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