Monday, July 6, 2009

The Oasis

by Kurt Hardy

In the desert of sorrow and tribulation
I struggle through the hot burning sands,

Hoping to find an oasis of peace
to quench the thirst of this dying man.

In the furnace of despair
the sun burns deep in my soul

Like a wind driven tumbleweed
without direction or control.

If only there was sanity
for the struggles in my life;

To find a garden of Eden
to have peace without strife .

Above my head in the distant sky
I see the vultures of doubt assail

Watching me....looking to see
if I'll quit, give up and fail.

In exhaustion I stumbled and fell to the ground
with no hope for my soul I cried,

This struggle is more than I can bare
God rescue me lest I should die.

With all my strength I rose to my feet,
I began my life once again

But the desert seemed strange
for my outlook had changed
I had found that `Oasis' within.

Though I've walked through the valley
of the shadow of death
this one thing I have found to be true

Instead of struggling in despair
give it to God in prayer
and He'll provide an `Oasis' for you!

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