Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Life

By Kurt Hardy

I was just 13 when I began to do crime,
I had no family and an abundance of time.

I started drinking beer for a little comfort
and cheer,

Then I began smoking dope when I found I
couldn't cope.

As life got harder...I needed a new starter;

So I tried cocaine to deal with my pain
and that's when my life went completely insane.

When I was 14 I thought it was keen
to be with the boys at all of the scenes.

I joined a gang because life was a bore,
it didn't take long til I became a whore.

Selling my body for nickel or a dime,
trying so hard to have a good time.

I was gang'n and bang'n and doing lots of things
at a tender young age of just 15.

Now at 16 I've done it all,
Spent time at camp and juvenile hall.

I had one kid and aborted another,
"I'm too young to be somebody's mother".

I'm tired of life after 17 years
crying my eyes out with a million tears.

My life is filled with heartaches and sorrows
with no hope of a future or a better tomorrow.

Is this all the world has to offer me,
a broken life filled with misery?

I began to think of my lonely past,
and what I'd give for something real to last.

With pills in a bottle and a razor in my hand,
I thought of my life and I had a better plan.

I began to write a note to those I thought would care;
maybe they would cry or even say a prayer.

I started with names to put on my list,
to say that I loved them, and then cut my wrist.

When I began to write my heart was gripped with fear,
for I couldn't think of a one,
and my eyes filled with tears.

No one is this world cared at all about me;
whether I was dead or alive, in prison or free.

I never felt so lonely as I did just then,
To be in this world without a single friend.

I took the lid off the bottle, and pressed the
razor to my throat.

I wouldn't bear the loneliness,
and I knew I couldn't cope.

Just then I heard a choir sing...it's music from
down the street;

It seemed so timely, the words I heard..
a melody so soft and sweet.

"Amazing Grace" were the words they sang...
and how Christ, He died on the cross.

To give hope to the discouraged, heal the broken hearted
and love to all that were lost.

I ran down the stairs and out in the street;
to go to that church...to God I would speak.

"Dear God, are you real...do you know how I feel..
and will you truly become my friend?

Will you give me hope, take away the dope,
and make my life all new again?"

When I finished my prayer as I was sittin' there..
the strangest thing happened to me.

I felt God's joy, and His peace come over me;
through the power of HIS love..I am now set free.

Thank you Dear Jesus for hearing my prayer,
for coming to me when no else cared.

You give me hope...a life to live in..
You cleansed my heart and took away my sin.

You have given back..."MY LIFE"

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