Monday, July 6, 2009

I Long To Hear My Father Say

I Long To Hear My Father Say”
By Kurt Hardy

I know my father loved me
but I never heard him say
“I love you child and I’m so proud
in every single way”

I’m sure my father loved me
I wished he’d told me so
His words would have meant more to me
Than treasures filled with gold

Now my father has gone
to that heavenly place
I know someday I’ll be there
to see his smiling face

Today I’m a parent
with children of my own
I always kiss and hold them
even though they’re now full grown

And now I’m in my sunset years
I ponder my youthful past
How I longed to hear my father say
“I love you-you need not ask”

My ears hear squealing laughter
Little hands tug at my clothes
“Oh please grampa,tell us another story
about times of long ago”

My grandchildren are such a blessing
They’ve filled my hungry soul
Where once my heart was wounded
their love has made it whole.

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