Monday, July 6, 2009

Grace For Grief

Grace For Grief
Romans 12:19-21
By Kurt Hardy

A painful arrow has pierced my soul
Anger and bitterness has be in control

To think I should give Grace
To the one who gave me Grief?

Oh, for the love of vengeance
That would give my pain relief

Each day reminds me how I was betrayed
By those, I put my confidence in

My love and trust, I gave my all
And they even called me their friend

Then one-day news came to me
Hard times had fallen on them

I knew the reason why, they caused me to cry,
And now they must pay for their sin

Lord, “I can’t pray they should be blessed
Give them suffering and pain and nothing less”

Then I wept and cried, “Lord give me relief”
He whispered to me “Give Grace for Grief”

“Lord, You want me to give them provisions to eat
With clothes to wear and shoes for their feet?

“Are You asking me that I should forgive
For the things that they have done

The pain and shame they gave to my name
And they did it in front of everyone”?

“I know My child of your anxiety
What they did to you, they did to Me

If you want My peace to be given to your soul
Forgive what they’ve done and I’ll make you whole

If you believe in Me, your Father up above
Then show them you care, by giving My love”

So I called my old friends for lunch that day
And I couldn’t believe what they had to say

“Why are you showing such kindness to us
And praying to God that He might bless?

You’ve showered us with kindness, were so ashamed
We ask that you forgive us, for causing such pain”

That was forty years ago, to this very day
And we’re the best of friends in everyway

This statement is true, it is my belief
That real healing begins, by offering
Grace for Grief.

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