Monday, July 6, 2009

The Golden Cord

The Golden Cord

By Kurt Hardy

It was a dark and stormy night,
the moon and stars would give no light.

The rain kept pounding
on my window outside

And the wind would howl
like a wolf when it cries.

Sounds of rolling thunder
exploded with a crash;

Rattling the room
then lighting would flash

Scary dark shadows
danced across my door

I believe I heard monsters
crawling around on the floor.

Suddenly a flash of light
and I saw it standing there,

It looked like a wolf
but it could of been a bear.

I heard the growl of thunder
it made an awful roar,

It seemed to be pounding
upon my bedroom door.

I wanted to reach for
the bedroom light,

But it was too far away,
and I was filled with fright.

Under my covers I began to pray...
"Oh God, please chase the monsters away,

I promise to you I'll do what's right,
please keep me safe throughout the night."

I peered from my covers,
maybe the monsters were gone

Hoping that soon
the morning would dawn.

Another burst of thunder
shook my bed

I pulled my pillow
tightly around my head.

My eyes welled up
with floods of tears

My heart was pounding
and full of fears;

"Please Dear Lord
way up in heaven,

I'm just a little boy
and I'm only seven.

I'm afraid of the monsters
the storm brought in,

If I cry out for help
it's surely my end."

I wanted to cry out
but was afraid to make a noise

Because that's how monsters
find little boys.

On top of the covers
a hand touched my shoulder,

I shuttered with fear
that my life was over.

Slowly I turned
to look and see

What was the thing
that put it's hand on me!

There in my room
so shinny and bright

Was a figure of a man
it was an awesome sight.

He was as tall as the ceiling
clear down to the floor
He must have been
seven feet or more.

His robe was beautiful
a sight to behold

It sparkled like diamonds
with threads of gold.

Around His waist
was a golden cord

Upon which hung
a flaming sword.

My heart was pounding
as loud as could be

That God would send
an angel to me.

Then He smiled
these words He said

As he tucked me tightly
into bed,

"I'll stand guard
you'll be all right,

Nothing will harm you
in the storm tonight.

For God has sent me
to keep watch over you

So you can sleep
the whole night through."

I closed my eyes
to say a prayer

I opened them slowly,
He was still standing there

Then finally I drifted
off to sleep

Knowing the Angel of God
my soul would keep.

When I opened my eyes
It was morning time

Through my bedroom window
the sun did shine.

I was so excited
that I ran down stairs

To tell Mom and Dad
how God heard my prayers

That He sent His angel
in the storm last night

To calm my fears
it was quite a sight.

He was seven feet tall
from the ceiling to the floor

I told this to them
and a whole lot more.

"We're happy you believed
you saw a visitor from heaven

but it was just a dream
after all, you're only seven"

I went upstairs
and laid down on my bed

For my parents didn't believe
a single word I said.

I began to cry
to God in a prayer

I said..."Lord, I know
you're angel was there.

I felt so strange
and out of place

So I went to the bathroom
and washed my face.

As I walked in my room
I just had to stare

For the `Golden Cord'
was hanging on the chair.

I remembered it then
it was on the angel's waist,

It held his sword
so firmly in place

I said..."Dear Lord,
is this a message for me?"

I thought of taking it
to my parents to see

But then again
I know what they'd say

Go outside son
it's time to play.

For seventy-five years
I've told my story

And I want the Lord
to receive the glory;

He calmed my heart
and took away my fears

And has given me peace
through all these years.

The story I tell...
I'll never get bored,

For in my hand I hold

@ Copyright 1992
The Hardy Ministries

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