Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God Save America

By Kurt Hardy

God has blessed America with an abundance of wealth;
For in the beginning we helped others instead of our self.

When the Pilgrims landed upon Plymouth Rock
They taught their children the right way to walk.

“Help your neighbors as much as you can,
Reach out to the stranger and lend him a hand.

Spread the Gospel of peace and share God’s love,
Be sure to thank the Lord for His blessings from above”.

Another commandment they shared with them,
Becoming ‘role models’ themselves from beginning to end’

“Have respect for the elderly and your parents to obey,
Do what is right, not what’s popular for today”.

Soon people came from across the sea,
Hoping to find life with liberty.

And so we opened our arms and welcomed them in,
They became our neighbors and soon our friends.

Our nation began to grow into quite a crowd
So we raised up a flag and we were all so proud.

They sang an anthem, “God Bless America”, to You we belong,
Give us life and grant us freedom in this land to be strong’.

Yes, God has blessed America, but will America bless Him,
Or will we rebel against His Holy Word and live our lives for sin?

Parents believed God’s word, that ‘the two shall become one’,
They taught this to their daughters and each of their sons.

They said “Love is a seed that takes time to grow
It will teach you of life and the things you should know”.

“Remember dear children, the freedom America has won”.
Your belief of God’s word, will affect the future to come”.

On Sunday people took their day of rest
Many went to worship in their very best.

Believing the Bible and the duties of the church,
"Don't lie and don’t steal, for deception never works".

There was a reverence for God’s word across our land,
From the faithful who believed, to the most cynical man.

So God blessed America with power and fame,
And with money we honored Him by printing His name.

But it didn't take long to forget the reason why,
That money was more important for the toys we could buy.

What will become of this country, this great powerful land,
If we turn our backs on God and reject His moral plan?

America began to stumble due to abundance of ease
Unmindful of God’s word and doing whatever they please.

They forgot it was God who gave power and wealth
So they began to worship things and put the bible on the shelf.

It wasn’t long through the process of time
That moral depravity began to fill their mind.

“Why live under laws that bind and constrain”.
“Morality’s just a word’, they all complained.

“Take the Bible out of congress, remove it from our schools
We know what’s right or wrong, our voice shall be the rule”.

Soon moral depravity weaved its way like a snake
Into the souls of people, their lives it would take.

Laws were passed that caused political corruption,
Leading to civil unrest and community disruption.

Parades of angry people marched to Washington D.C.,
With banners they shouted, “We want to be free”.

“We have the power, for freedom of speech,
Let’s burn the flag, trample it under our feet”,

“ Who says that marriage is with a woman and a man,
The Bible is a fable, we have a better plan”.

They shouted down the union between Adam and Eve
And voted marriage should be with ‘Adam and Steve’.

Families were under attack and abortion became the issue,
“There’s no life in an embryo, it’s only lifeless tissue”.

Laws were soon passed, because the public complained,
“Legalize narcotics to ease our stress and pain”.

Depravity became cancerous, its tentacles grew strong,
People couldn’t tell the difference of what’s right or wrong.

Corruption grew into jealousy and then suspicion crept in
Against people who were different and the color of their skin.

Mistreating people of color, shouting words with angry faces,
“Keep them in the slums and barrios, let them live in those ghetto places.

"You’re a bunch of foreigners, so you can be served last”.
“We’re smarter and better than you, learn to stay in your class”.

Angry shouts were hurled “Send them back over the border,
“They’re rioting in our streets and causing civil disorder".

Soon America was filled with chaos and dismay,
Because no light was there to guide their way.

Gay Rights and abortion was on a constant display,
Men and women going insane and drugs led the way.

When immorality rules people, it births spiritual idolatry,
It drains a nation of its strength and all of its vitality.

God has blessed America, He has prospered our great land
He has given us wealth and riches and kept us in His hand.

How long will God be patient, giving to us His loving grace,
If we despise His Holy Word, desiring lust to take His place?

If we fail God’s Word, America will crumble to the ground,
Only in the pages of history will America’s name be found.

America the beautiful, what will truly be your end?
God’s voice is crying out, will you return back to Him?

By Kurt Hardy

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  1. This is an amazing poem Kurt and i'm afraid the truth !