Tuesday, July 7, 2009


By retired Deputy Sheriff/Rev. Kurt Hardy

I was born on the West Side....
And when I was young, my parents died.

Because I was too little to be left on my own,
The county had me placed in a foster home.

I always tried to do what was right,
But something would get me mad....
And I'd get into a fight.

Finally I decided to drop out of school,
The crowd I ran with thought it would be cool.

Soon I found myself alone in the street.
Without any friends or a place to sleep.

I thought of getting myself some employment....
To have spending money for fun and enjoyment.

So I tried my hand at swinging a mop
In exchange for a hamburger and a soda pop.

But that wasn't for me...it wasn't my style,
I wanted the big time ...something worthwhile.

I had two strikes against me, I know it's true,
I felt so helpless; I didn't know what to do.

With no where to go or spend my time,
I went to the liquor store and stole some wine.

When it was gone...I wanted some more,
So I went straight back to the same liquor store.

I reached inside the liquor bin,
And started out the door with a bottle of gin.

Little did I know what was waiting outside,
It was a big old Cop who said, "Let's take a ride".

He took me down to the county jail....
Where I spent 20 days cause I couldn't make bail.

That was the beginning of my life with crime,
And jail is where I'd stay for most of the time.

In and out of jail again and again,
Finally did a stretch in the old state pen.

One day while sitting in my lonely cell,
I started to take my life, but I was afraid of Hell.

I broke down with tears and began to cry,
That’s when I asked God for the reason why.

Why did my parents have to die,
Breaking my heart and making me cry?

Why was I left completely alone,
To live in somebody's Foster Home?

And why am I angry all of the time,
So I have to get loaded on a jug of wine?

And please Oh God, will you tell...
Will I spend my life forever in jail?

And Lord I ask you to forgive my sin,
I invite you now in my heart to come in.

I strained to listen for His voice to hear,
But all I heard were my sobbing tears.

I fell asleep for a little while....
But was awakened by a voice so tender and mild.

It was faint at first, I couldn't tell what it said,
So I just laid quietly upon my bed.

Again I heard the sound of the voice,
It said very clearly..."I give YOU the choice".

"If you are willing My words to obey,
To trust and believe in what I have to say;

Then I want you now to make your decision
To follow me and I'll lead you from prison.

From the prison of anger and the bitterness within,
I'll heal your wounded heart and forgive all your sins”

A few years went by I was released from the pen,
I knew that day...I'd never come back again.

For JESUS healed my heart and wiped away all my tears,
And I've been walking with Him all of these years.

And friend I know this poem is true
What He did for me, He will do for you.


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