Monday, July 6, 2009

A Desert Place

(Acts 8:26-40)

By Kurt Hardy

My name is Philip
I'm a evangelist
For my Lord

Been called to preach the Gospel
His Word I call the sword.

Once while I was deep in prayer
And trying to make a decision,

An angel of God came to me
In a beautiful and marvelous vision.

Philip, he said..
“Get up from your bed
I have a message
From the Lord for you.

Go wash your face
There's no time to waste
For the work God wants you to do."

I pondered the words
The angel had said
The assignment was hard
One I feared I would dread.

“Go to the desert”
He said to me
“There I'll do a work
That will set the captive free”.

So I journeyed down
That hot dusty road
A place so treacherous
That no one dared to go.

"Dear God, are you sure
This is where I am to be?"

These were the words
I heard the Lord say to me,

"Go before my face
To this dry and desolate place,

There you will be
A special minister for me.

For my WORD
Shall be heard
Throughout this desert land,

It will be taught and instructed
To an Ethiopian man.

He's coming your way
In a royal chariot today,
A man of position and great power.

For he longs to be free
And he's searching for me
That's why I've sent you
At this hour.

I've appointed this man
To take my WORD to his land
And tell the people of that nation;

That because of my love
I came down from above
To set them free without hesitation.

For Philip, you know...
I was destined to go
And die upon an old rugged cross;

And all who believe
I will surely receive
And they shall never again be lost."

I wondered in amazement,
What I heard was real
When suddenly came the sounds
From a chariots wheel.

He was a tall black man
Very handsome and slender
Dressed in royalty
Of magnificence and splendor.

A minister of finance
For Candace the Queen
And reading from the Bible,
At least that's what it seemed.

The voice of the Lord
Told me what to say,

"Sir, do you understand
What you're reading today?"

He called me to his side,
"Will you be my guide,
For I'm reading from Isaiah fifty-three?"

"Certainly I can,
It's about the Son of Man
And how He died to set
The sinner's free."

Then he said to me,
"I want to be free
From my heavy burden of sin."

"Then will you believe,
And by faith receive
Jesus Christ in your heart
To come in?"

"Yes I will,"
He said with a thrill
"For now I finally realize...

Because He loves me so
He has saved my soul,
Now it's time to be baptized."

A pool of water was close at hand
A beautiful oasis in that desert land.

Down to the water
We both stepped in,
Praising the Lord
For the forgiveness of sin.

And when he came out
He gave a glorious shout,

"I must go to the Queen,
And tell what I've seen
About this wonderful story;

How God in His love
Came down from above
For man to share in His glory."

He began to thank God,
Then he looked around...
But I was gone
And couldn't be found;

For the Spirit of the Lord
Took me through the air,
To a little town meeting
That was holding prayer.

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