Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Cowboy's Prayer

“A Cowboys Prayer”
By Kurt Hardy

Thank you Lord for my days have been long
To stay in the saddle and keeping me strong

One day I’ll be going to my last rodeo
I pray I’ll be ready when it’s my time to go

With the tie in my teeth and rope in hand
I knew I would win, cause I’m a rodeo man

Like a flash of lighting, that’s all it seem to take
I remembered all my failures and life long mistakes

“Lord I know I haven’t always lived in the light
But every time I’ve tried to do what’s right”

With the calf out the chute and my rope overhead
A perfect throw, but I missed instead

Pulling my had down low, recoiling the rope
Two times I’ve missed, don’t have much hope

Been thinking about that last rodeo ride
I have a choice to make and I must decide

“Lord I haven’t called on You much in my life
Been working real hard, both me and my wife

I don’t want to miss this chance to ride
I’m asking for help and to forgive my pride"

The chute men stretched the cord across the line
With rope in hand, I hoped the prize was mine

Five seconds my rope, the calf had found
Stretched out and tied, he laid on the ground

The crowds in the stand were cheering there
But I bowed my knee in humble prayer

“Thank you Lord for my rodeo ride
And helping me to finally decide

That life has its failures and I don’t have to fall
Just give You my burdens and You’ll take them all”


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