Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Broken Toy's

BY Kurt Hardy (Psalm 37:4-5)

When I was just a little boy
I came to my father one day

I said "Daddy please, will you fix my toy
so I can go out and play?"

He said to me, "Son can't you see
I don't have the time for you,

Someday you'll understand when you become a man
I've more important things to do."

As the years passed by, I don't know why
but my life became like that toy.

It never got repaired, no one seemed to care
to mend the heart of a broken little boy.

For years I cried, I was empty inside,
no life, no love or hope.

My painful thinking, led me to drinking,
from there.. my life turned to dope.

Late one night when the moon was bright
I staggered outside of a bar

I looked up in the sky and let out with a sigh
for the heavens were lit up by the stars.

While I was standing there, I said a quick prayer
hoping that God might hear.

"Lord could it be, you'd love a man like me?"
as I brushed away my tears.

"Will you heal this little boy, fill his heart with your joy
then set him free to be a brand new man?

I'm tired and alone, can't make it on my own
I need your strength and the power of your hand."

Then he said to me so tenderly,
His voice inside my mind,

"Your prayer is heard and I've given you my word
My son, I'll always have time!"

I can’t tell you what happened that night,
for it's difficult for words to say

But God healed my life, removed the bitterness of strife
and He's been my Father ever since that day.

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