Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am,That I Am

Exodus 3:14
By Kurt Hardy

I AM your dream. I am the one who gives you comfort during your lonely nights. I AM the who dries your eyes when tears fall in the rain that no one sees.

Yes, I AM the one. The one who comforts your broken heart, the one who holds your hand,
I AM the one who feels your pain. I AM the one who understands.

When your nights turn cold and it seems no one cares. I will give you my love, I will always be there. You need not worry or be anxious of tomorrow. I will bring you My Sonshine and lift your heart of sorrow.

Now you shall see, what I AM giving. A new life of hope, with a future for living.
I give you this promise, now put your trust in Me

I AM, THAT I AM, has spoken to you.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Garden Party Story

The Garden Party - Story
(Genesis 1-3)
By Kurt Hardy

God put Adam in the garden to abide,
a beautiful place for a man to reside

Then God came to earth from heaven above
and filled the garden with His wonderful love.

Everything in it was peaceful and serene,
before the Serpent came onto the scene

The Lord said to Adam, "You may eat of the vine;
anything you want, the whole garden is mine.

There's just one command I give you from me,
don't eat of the fruit from the ‘Golden Tree’.

For if you desire it with lust in your eye,
the day that you eat it, you will surely die.

I give you the freedom to do as you please,
name all the animals, the birds, and trees.”

So Adam named everything in the garden, every where he looked
He named the flowers the plants and all the fish in the brook

The Lord saw that Adam was sad,
and wanted a mate of his own.

So God put Adam into a very deep sleep
and made woman from a rib of his side.

When he woke up, his life was complete
for the woman was his mate to abide.

Adam was so thankful to be given a wife
that he named her `Eve', the giver of life.

The wedding party was planned
in the garden to celebrate

Sending invitations to all of their friends
Saying “Now don’t you be late.”

First came the Giraffe, the Moose and the Cow,
then flew the Sparrows, the Eagle and the Owl.

Let's not forget the others who were also there,
the Rabbit, the Squirrel and the big Grizzly Bear.

They gathered together and Adam said grace,
"Thank you Dear God for this beautiful place."

Adam and Eve told their guests that day
“enjoy the garden paradice you’re welcome to stay.

You may eat and drink for the food is free,
but touch not the fruit on the Golden Tree.

For God has said “it’s not for us to ponder why
but to obey His word or surely we would die.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the garden back door,
an evil kind of knock they never heard before.

Eve went to see just who it could be,
for all those invited were gathered inside.

She didn't hesitate to open the gate,
for "It might be a friend" she cried.

Much to her surprise, she was completely aghast;
in came a serpent, `that old snake in the grass’.

"So sorry I'm late to your party today...
I must have lost my invite along the way".

Secretly he spoke some words in her ear,
so smooth and quietly the others couldn't hear.

Eve turned towards Adam with a daze in her eyes;
she looked like she had been hypnotized.

She stuttered and mumbled about ‘little foxes on the vine’,
how the grapes were all gone and no more could they find.

Then she said to Adam,“would you go and look around;
search the hills and the valleys, maybe some can be found?"

So Adam took off with the Lion and the Lamb,
Looking everywhere throughout the land.

The serpents’ scheme had worked just fine,
for he had Eve alone for just a bit of time.

"Now listen to my words my darling dear,
there’s no reason for you to have fear!

Why can’t you eat the luscious fruit on the tree,
a little for you and just a small bite for me?"

"Oh no!” said Eve with words like fire,
“ The tree must never be our desire;

for God has said, and I am sure it is true
that if we eat of it, our lives will be through. "

Slowly he slithered on a branch by her head;
these were the words he slyly said,

"You don't believe you would actually die?
It's simply not true, it's nothing but a lie.

The truth about the Golden Tree,
it will make you wise and then you'll see;

You’ll have knowledge of the world
from the beginning to its end...

then you’ll be in control,
instead of Him.

Trust me at this very hour;
eat the fruit, it will give you great power.”

Eve wanted Adam, so she looked around;
but he was gone and couldn't be found.

She looked at the tree, it was a beautiful sight.
thinking of its taste, it would be quite a delight.

As she reached for the fruit on the Golden Tree,
a voice in the wind said so tenderly,

"Don't listen to the serpent, he's not your friend;
for it's his desire that your life should end.

Now quickly turn away from the Golden Tree,
so you can keep your fellowship and walk with me."

Eve immediately turned away and was about to go,
when the serpent said, "Wait, there's something you should know!"

"There's power in the fruit, it will taste very sweet;
then all of God's creation will bow at your feet.

You and Adam will be quite a sensation,
you’ll be equal to God and rule His creation."

Her lust for the fruit burned like fire
and soon it became her only desire

So she reached for it and took a bit for its taste,
and immediately felt ashamed, ran and hid her face.

Fear fell upon the garden on that very day,
thunder and lighting scared the animals away.

Adam searched for Eve, he looked all over the land,
she was hiding in fear with the fruit in her hand.

"Did you eat of the fruit from the Golden Tree?
Don't you know you will die and depart from me?"

Adam was afraid he would be left alone again,
so he ate of the fruit though he knew it was a sin.

Both were trembling and filled with fright,
they hid in the bushes throughout the night.

When the sun arose in the early morning dawn,
all the beauty of the garden and the animals were gone.

Then a voice so familiar fell upon their ear;
a sound of love and joy, a voice of cheer.

"Oh Adam and Eve, my created delight,
why have you ran and hid from my sight?

Did you eat of the fruit from the Golden Tree,
is that why you're afraid to come to me?

You believed the created more than your Creator,
the serpent lied to you when he said you'd be greater.

Now know for sure a penalty you will pay,
from this beautiful garden I must turn you away.

You will clear the land and strain at the plow,
tilling the ground by the sweat of your brow.

And as for your wife, the thing she has done;
in great pain and agony, she will bear your sons.

You have broken my commandment and committed this sin;
by the blood of an animal, you'll be clothed with its skin.

Its' life for yours will be a sacrifice to me,
for its blood shall wash and make you free.

And as for you 'Oh serpent', full of lust and desire,
I've reserved a place for you in the lake of fire.

Now go my children throughout the land,
multiply and be fruitful and obey my commands.

Know that I love you much more than a friend,
I'll be with you forever until I come back again.”

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A New Life To Live Story

A New Life To Live
II Corinthians 5:17
By Kurt Hardy

I’ve been sentenced to the gallows
and tomorrow I will die.
Over and over I’ve asked myself why?

All of my life I have lived in shame
from childhood till now, with sorrow and pain.

I thought of God and what I would give
for a second chance, and a new life to live.

If only I could change the evil I have done,
the heartaches and suffering I’ve caused everyone.

However, it is too late. There’s no more hope for me,
that the king’s heart might change and set me free.

From the window in the dungeon the courtyard I could see,
the carpenter building his platform for me.

With every blow of his hammer, my body would shake.
For very soon the hangman, my life he would take.

The carpenter’s tools were put away at last
his work was finished; he was through with his task.

I must get ready for my time is nearly gone.
The jailer and the hangman will come at dawn.

I fell to my knees, bowed my head to pray.
“Please dear Lord, hear what I’ve got to say.

I know I’m guilty for the things I have done,
and rightly so… I should be hung.

But this is not why I’m crying to you,
for after I die, my judgment is due.

My sins are awesome, how many I can’t tell.
But Lord I pray, deliver my soul from hell.

There is no reason at all, You should listen to me.
I’m just a lost sinner filled with shame and misery.

I guess that is all I can say or do.
The rest dear God is up to You.”

Then such a peace came over me.
The first time in my life I truly felt free.

I fell to sleep like a baby in bed.
I meant every word to the Lord I said.

Peacefully I was resting when awaken by a man.
He lifted me to my feet with a strong gentle hand.

I was startled and surprised, wiping sleep from eyes
as I listened to what the stranger had to say.

“The Father up above sends you His love,
He heard you when you began to pray.”

My eyes filled with tears, I couldn’t believe my ears,
of the words that the stranger had to say.

Was he friend or foe? I did not know.
But I hoped he was an angel instead.

“I am indeed what you’ve perceived.
This message I bring is just for you.

When you walk up those steps, have no fear.
You will not die, but I’ll take you through.”

I was mesmerized before I realized
he disappeared in the still of the night.

I reached in the air but he wasn’t there
he was gone and out of sight.

Then I heard chains dragging across the stony floor.
Two strong men laughing as they threw open the door.

One shackled my hands. the other my feet.
“You belong to us until the hangman you meet.”

Hobbling through the courtyard the sky was clear,
but up those thirteen steps, I shuttered and shook with fear.

On the platform I stood, directly over the chute,
I saw the grinning hangman in his black hooded suit.

The hangman’s laughter was ringing in my head.
“If you want to pray, better start right away,
cause you’ll hang by your neck till you’re dead.”

Over my face, he tied the hood in place
and the rope around my neck pulled tight.

With fear and dread, “Oh Lord” I said,
“Didn’t You send me Your angel in the night?

Didn’t he say if I would believe
I wouldn’t die… was I deceived?”

The hangman pulled the little pin,
the chute gave way and I fell in.

I felt a jolt, then a cool gentle breeze.
I thought I was dead, but I could breathe.

I didn’t dare move or say a word,
for fear they would hang me again.

A familiar voice stood next to me.
He said, “Have no fear, I’m your friend.”

They took me down and laid me in the cart,
as they removed the mask from my eyes.

I could see them but they couldn’t see me.
It seemed so strange, I was really surprised.

Then two men pulled the cart away.
I was listening to what they had to say.

“We’ll throw his body on the garbage heap,
then the buzzards will have all they want to eat.”

Fear gripped my heart as I lay in the cart,
“These guys think that I am dead.”

I wanted to shout and tried to jump out,
but I couldn’t even move my head.

This body is mine and I feel just fine,
though something has happened to me.

Then I saw the man who called me His friend,
he said,” Now we must go, you’re totally free.”

I didn’t understand, so he took my hand
and pulled me right out of the cart.

My body stayed right where it layed.
He said, “Hand on, we’re going to depart.”

When I turned around we were off the ground,
thousands of miles in the sky.

I said to the man, “Hang onto my hand,
because I don’t know how to fly.”

The man looked at me with eyes so tenderly,
“Do you remember asking forgiveness of your sin?

That is why God said you wouldn’t die,
you are now joined together with Him.”

Now I am free from sorrow, free from pain,
free from my failures of sin and shame.

My soul was rejoicing and my heart full of bliss,
when suddenly we entered a bright colorful mist

There before us was a great door opened wide,
and like a powerful wind we were sucked inside.

Faster and faster, we began to fly
until we broke through a barrier on the other side.

Then it seemed we suddenly stooped
and the man said “Look and behold.”

It was God’s Holy City so beautiful and pretty,
its streets were paved with gold.

I was joyful with tears as music filled my ears,
it seemed to come from all over the place.

Choir bells started ringing with angels singing
“Praise God for His Amazing Grace.”

Then I was with Jesus, my Wonderful Savior,
with His arms opened up and wide.

“Welcome to your home, sit next to My throne,
forever with Me to reside.”

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift
Proverbs 18:6
By Kurt Hardy

I went to church on Christmas day
the wind was blowing in the cold

So I took off my hat, sat in the back
and listened to the words I was told

The preacher cried, “The reason Jesus died,
was for the prisoners of sin to be free.”

Then he said, “Christ arose from the dead
to give life to those who would believe.”

When the minister was threw
he said “what will you do
with the gift God offers today?”

I bowed my head, these words I said
“Dear Jesus, come into my heart I pray.”

I felt so good, I jumped and stood
with a grin all over my face.

The Lord saved my soul and made me whole
my life has been changed through His grace.

Then the preacher said as he passed the plate
“Now give from your heart and don’t hesitate.”

I reached into my pocket to give all that I had
but it was only a quarter, I felt ashamed and sad.

I said, “Lord my family is down with the flu
and I’ve been out of work for a month or two.

All I’ve got is this harmonica in my hand.
It’s certainly not like a big church band.

But let me tell you Lord, what I’d love to do
I’ll go to the park and play my music for you.”

It made me feel good to give in this way.
I didn’t have money, but I had music to play.

I took off my hat and knelt on the ground,
gave thanks to God for the new life I’d found.

Then I began to play “Amazing Grace”
when suddenly tears poured down my face.

A large crowd of people seemed to gather around.
They began dropping dollar bills, in my hat on the ground.

I couldn’t believe when I was praying
God would meet my needs while I was playing.

I hurried home to tell my wife
how God saved my soul and changed my life.

I told her of the miracle He provided for me,
when she said with joy so cheerfully,

“I am healed and the kids are too,
and none of us are sick or down with the flu.”

We all held hands and began to pray
to thank God for His Gift on Christmas day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Praise Him

Praise Him
By Kurt Hardy
Psalm 150:1-6

Let us praise the Lord our God
Whose throne is in the sky

The Lord who heals the broken hearted
wipes away every tear from their eye

He sends the rain upon the field
that grows the wheat for bread

His name is Jesus, Faithful and True
And keeps every promise He’s said

Friday, October 23, 2009

Give God All The Glory

Give God the Glory
Ps. 34:1

I give God the glory
everyday of my life

He saved my soul
then took control
washed away my sins and strife

I want to tell the world
all He has done for me

He broke the power of sin
I became born again
my life is completely free

Something To Think About

Something To Think About
Proverbs 23:7

Are your limitations a challenge
or are they a chore?

Is your life exciting
or is it a bore?

Choices you make
are up to you

The thoughts you believe
is what you will do

“What are you thinking about”?

Please Don't Change Me

Please Don’t Change Me
By Kurt Hardy

You constantly are trying to change me,
always wanting to rearrange me

I just want to be myself!

I am not like you,
I can’t do what you do

I’m just me, and nobody else.

If I start to say no, you will say yes.
You can’t read my mind, so why second-guess?

When I want to go, you want to stay.
Whether right or wrong, it’s always your way.

We don’t need to fight or argue and shout.
I know if we try, we can work things out.

By working together, we’ll both soon see,
If I let you be you, and you let me be me

“Our lives will blend into sweet harmony.”

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Things

“Little Things”
(I Corinthians 1:4)

Little things that you do
is the reason I love you

Little things that you say
bring a blessing everyday

You gave me a call,
when I didn’t know what to do

And the note that said,
“I am praying for you”

When I was out of work,
I found groceries at my door

Like all the little things
you have done before

Had you preached your bible
I would not have received

But you showed me love
and for that, I believe

You brought joy to my life
and a new song to sing

Thank you for all the little things.

The Gift Of Friendship

The Gift of Friendship”

Receiving the gift of friendship
Is not something you buy
Like a hat in the store
That you put on and try

But something that is precious
More than silver and gold
You cherish its’ value
Forever to hold

A friend is not someone
You feel you have to win
For true friendship is love
That never has an end

When God was giving gifts
And said they were free
I'm grateful He gave me you
for all eternity

Home Schooling

Home Schooling
By Kurt Hardy
Proverbs 23:7
The family is a place that’s safe and sound
With lots of security and where love abounds

In the home, the family will learn the “Golden Rule”
You will never see that taught in the public schools

Parents are to instruct children in the right way to walk
Not through vain philosophies of Dr. Freud and Dr. Spock

In a loving humble home, children learn the values on “how to live”
Not through ivory covered universities and the money we give

Degrees of education our children may find
As they struggle up the ladder in life to climb

But, learning to live a Godly life
To raise a family as husband and wife

This is a treasure more valuable than gold
Its blessings are richer than a diploma to hold

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To God Be The Glory

To God Be The Glory
By Kurt Hardy

To the most high God almighty
I will extol Your name forever

From the birthing of the early morning sun
‘til the coolness of night, You are my praise

My heart shall sing to you
the songs of David.

I embrace You, oh giver of life
You are the fullness of my joy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hang On

Hang On
By Kurt Hardy
Sept. 7, 2009

The race isn’t given to the swift
Nor the battle to the strong

But to those who endure to the end
Will shout the victor’s song


Matthew 6:9-13
By Kurt Hardy

You can’t enjoy life’s pleasures
Without experiencing the pain

Nor appreciate the sunshine
Without the wind and rain

God sees your tears of sorrow
And knows you’re in despair

He’ll carry your heavy burdens
just give them to Him in prayer

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye
From Son to Father
By Kurt Hardy

Hello, hello. Whenever I said hello, you said goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye. For God’s sake will you ever tell me why?

When I was just a little boy and wanted you to play,
You promised me you would tomorrow or on some another day.

For reasons only you would know, that time never came around.
When I needed you the very most, you were never to be found.

You were busy building your career, you never had any time for family.
When you did, it was with your friends, there was never time for me.

Hello, hello. Whenever I said hello, you said goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye. For God’s sake will you ever tell me why?

Then one day you told me… how proud you’d be, it seemed,
If I could make varsity on the high school football team.

Everyday I practiced hard, until I made first place,
For I longed for your acceptance and a smile upon your face.

I won in every sports event, with medals and a trophy or two,
But all I ever wanted dad, was to spend some time with you.

Hello, hello. Whenever I said hello, you said goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye. For God’s sake will you ever tell me why?

Now I’m all grown up, dad, with a family of my own.
Worked hard throughout the years, and bought a pretty home

Often I’ve asked you to come and stay, that is... if you had the time
You never answered my letters or calls, ‘cause I was never on your mine

My boy’s are grown and I’ve retired, I'd come to visit you now and then,
You never did say ‘hello to me’, but goodbye… come back again.

Hello, hello. Whenever I said hello, you said goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye. For God’s sake, will you ever tell me why?

I got a card in the mail, it was just the other day,
A lawyer wrote and said to me, my dad had passed away.

I looked through my father’s personal things, hoping that I might see
A letter that said, ‘I love you son’, that would mean so much to me.

All I ever hoped for, dad, was for you to be my friend.
Through all the years, I shed my tears, now your life has come to an end.

Hello, hello. Whenever I said hello, you said goodbye.
Now I must say, Goodbye, goodbye,
My pain has passed away, I'll no longer need to cry.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jesus,My Higher Power

Jesus, My Higher Power
By Kurt Hardy

I remember the times I’d drive my car
Down to Woody’s Disco bar

After drinking a few whiskey sourer’s
I’d feel warm and good, full of power

Shouting out, “I’m the master of my soul”
Yet I knew all along, the booze had control

I would pour my emotions into a glass
Then drink them down and hope they’d last

Falling to sleep like a sheep in clover
I’d wake up sick and start all over

I promised my loved ones and told my friends
That this was the last time I’d ever do it again

For a while I did great, I was doing what was right
Going to work each day and coming home every night

Through the passage of time, I thought I was free
Until that bottle of booze started talking to me

“Hello there friend, why don’t we get together,
It’s been awhile since we seen each other.”

I said, “Well maybe some 7-up or dinner wine,
But only a small glass in the evening time.”

We sat by the fire, the music was playing
After a few glasses my head was swaying

We had lots of laughs, a good time for sure
This time I had control and I felt secure

Secretly we would meet at our special place
No one could see us, there’d be no disgrace

Then my friend demanded more of my time
The booze took my money, to the very last dime

My friend became my enemy, but I couldn’t let it go
When I demanded it to leave me, it just said “No.”

Soon it stole my family and then it took my home
After I lost my job and car, I was on my own

Wandering the streets without a single thing
Needing a drink so bad, I sold my wedding ring

Sleeping in an alley by a garbage bin
Holding tightly to the bottle, I called my friend

One night I was thinking how life might be
If booze didn’t have a hold on me

Looking up in the sky, I saw a star up there
It reminded me of church, of God and prayer

“Oh God, please have mercy on me
Forgive my sins and set me free

Without Your help, I know I am dead,
I mean it Lord,” that’s what I said

I felt God’s Spirit inside of me
His joy and love so peacefully

I knew just why I was feeling this way
The Lord saw my heart, when He heard my prayer

I threw away my bottle into that old garbage bin
And shouted “you’re gone forever, I have a brand new friend”

I walked down that alley and out into the street
Found a little gospel church, where AA meets

Now since that day, I go every single night
I’ve been living good and doing what is right

I love going to those meetings that I attend
Because people there understand where I’ve been

And when it is time for the testimony hour
I boldly say “Jesus…is my higher power”

Thank You Lord for saving me
Now help me to learn and accept

The responsibilities You have given me
By following those Twelve Steps

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Country Cowboy

The Country Cowboy
By Kurt Hardy

I thank God I’m a Christian Cowboy
Got no worries, cause I’m care free

Whether mending fence or riding herd
Country living is the life for me

At evening time, my blanket’s by the fire
Where the nights are quite and still

I love to hear the coyotes howl
And the sounds of the whippoorwill

No artist could ever paint
The beauty I get to see

Green valleys of purple flora
Wild flowers and desert trees

I see a covey of quail, hiding in the willow grass
Just like little statues, waiting for me to pass

The majestic mountains all covered with snow
There’s beauty everywhere I look

Meadows are filled with rivers and streams
And there’s trout in every brook

As I gaze into the big blue sky
The air is so clean and clear

I see a hawk circling above
A heard of Ring Tail deer

I thank God I’m a country cowboy
My horse may be all that I own

But I never feel poor or lonely
Because…country to a cowboy is home

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take My Hand Lord

By Kurt Hardy
~Song ~
(John 10:29-30)
July 19, 2009

Take my hand Lord
I'm but a child
Walk down the road
With me awhile

The night is dark
And the day is long
I feel so weak
But I know you're strong

(chorus) Pick me up.... in your strong arms
Keep me safe.... from all alarm
Give me faith that I should know
You’re with me Lord, everywhere I go

Teach me Lord every single day
Where to go and what to say

I know You have, a special plan
I’m secure in the center of Your hand

(chorus) Pick me up.... in your strong arms
Keep me safe.... from all alarm
Give me faith that I should know
You’re with me Lord, everywhere I go

If I get tired...as we take our walk
Let’s Sit together for a rest and talk

Let me hear again....the words you tell
How You've saved my soul
From the depths of hell

(chorus) Pick me up.... in your strong arms
Keep me safe.... from all alarm
Give me faith that I should know
You’re with me Lord, everywhere I go

Take my hand Lord
I'm but a child
Walk down the road
With me awhile

The night is dark
And the day is long
I feel so weak
But I know you're strong

(Chorus 2X) Pick me up.... in your strong arms
Keep me safe.... from all alarm
Give me faith that I should know
You’re with me Lord, everywhere I go

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God Save America

By Kurt Hardy

God has blessed America with an abundance of wealth;
For in the beginning we helped others instead of our self.

When the Pilgrims landed upon Plymouth Rock
They taught their children the right way to walk.

“Help your neighbors as much as you can,
Reach out to the stranger and lend him a hand.

Spread the Gospel of peace and share God’s love,
Be sure to thank the Lord for His blessings from above”.

Another commandment they shared with them,
Becoming ‘role models’ themselves from beginning to end’

“Have respect for the elderly and your parents to obey,
Do what is right, not what’s popular for today”.

Soon people came from across the sea,
Hoping to find life with liberty.

And so we opened our arms and welcomed them in,
They became our neighbors and soon our friends.

Our nation began to grow into quite a crowd
So we raised up a flag and we were all so proud.

They sang an anthem, “God Bless America”, to You we belong,
Give us life and grant us freedom in this land to be strong’.

Yes, God has blessed America, but will America bless Him,
Or will we rebel against His Holy Word and live our lives for sin?

Parents believed God’s word, that ‘the two shall become one’,
They taught this to their daughters and each of their sons.

They said “Love is a seed that takes time to grow
It will teach you of life and the things you should know”.

“Remember dear children, the freedom America has won”.
Your belief of God’s word, will affect the future to come”.

On Sunday people took their day of rest
Many went to worship in their very best.

Believing the Bible and the duties of the church,
"Don't lie and don’t steal, for deception never works".

There was a reverence for God’s word across our land,
From the faithful who believed, to the most cynical man.

So God blessed America with power and fame,
And with money we honored Him by printing His name.

But it didn't take long to forget the reason why,
That money was more important for the toys we could buy.

What will become of this country, this great powerful land,
If we turn our backs on God and reject His moral plan?

America began to stumble due to abundance of ease
Unmindful of God’s word and doing whatever they please.

They forgot it was God who gave power and wealth
So they began to worship things and put the bible on the shelf.

It wasn’t long through the process of time
That moral depravity began to fill their mind.

“Why live under laws that bind and constrain”.
“Morality’s just a word’, they all complained.

“Take the Bible out of congress, remove it from our schools
We know what’s right or wrong, our voice shall be the rule”.

Soon moral depravity weaved its way like a snake
Into the souls of people, their lives it would take.

Laws were passed that caused political corruption,
Leading to civil unrest and community disruption.

Parades of angry people marched to Washington D.C.,
With banners they shouted, “We want to be free”.

“We have the power, for freedom of speech,
Let’s burn the flag, trample it under our feet”,

“ Who says that marriage is with a woman and a man,
The Bible is a fable, we have a better plan”.

They shouted down the union between Adam and Eve
And voted marriage should be with ‘Adam and Steve’.

Families were under attack and abortion became the issue,
“There’s no life in an embryo, it’s only lifeless tissue”.

Laws were soon passed, because the public complained,
“Legalize narcotics to ease our stress and pain”.

Depravity became cancerous, its tentacles grew strong,
People couldn’t tell the difference of what’s right or wrong.

Corruption grew into jealousy and then suspicion crept in
Against people who were different and the color of their skin.

Mistreating people of color, shouting words with angry faces,
“Keep them in the slums and barrios, let them live in those ghetto places.

"You’re a bunch of foreigners, so you can be served last”.
“We’re smarter and better than you, learn to stay in your class”.

Angry shouts were hurled “Send them back over the border,
“They’re rioting in our streets and causing civil disorder".

Soon America was filled with chaos and dismay,
Because no light was there to guide their way.

Gay Rights and abortion was on a constant display,
Men and women going insane and drugs led the way.

When immorality rules people, it births spiritual idolatry,
It drains a nation of its strength and all of its vitality.

God has blessed America, He has prospered our great land
He has given us wealth and riches and kept us in His hand.

How long will God be patient, giving to us His loving grace,
If we despise His Holy Word, desiring lust to take His place?

If we fail God’s Word, America will crumble to the ground,
Only in the pages of history will America’s name be found.

America the beautiful, what will truly be your end?
God’s voice is crying out, will you return back to Him?

By Kurt Hardy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Candle Light

(Matt 5:14)
By Kurt Hardy

The candle is the light of men
some burn bright, while others grow dim.

There is a difference between the two,
it's making choices in the things we do.

If you walk the path that's full of light
then your candle will burn long and bright.

But if you choose the easy trail,
soon your candle will die and fail.

Is your candle a flickering flame?
are you fearful it will not remain?

Change your thinking and the way you live
begin loving people and learn how to give

You'll see your candle begin to grow bright
like a lighthouse burning in the darkest night.

Church World

(Matt 27:19)
By Kurt Hardy

God didn't call the world to go to church
He called the Church to go to the world

So Church, let's go to the world
that the world may go to church!

The Clarion

By Kurt Hardy
(I COR 14:8)

Father let not my life linger in the past
Grant me to live for You; this is all that I ask

I desire Your word of truth, all you’ve given to me
Make it clear like a clarion, that I might hear and see

Not a voice that is vague like an unfamiliar song
But one with power, that my faith may be strong

Father I love you, guide me each and everyday
To be faithful to Your Word in all that You say


Kurt Hardy

To compromise is not very wise
if you're playing with the things of sin,

For like a snake, if you decide to take
very soon it will do you in.

Like Adam and Eve....who were deceived
by the lying snake in the garden

For the devil said...."Go right ahead,
take the fruit...God will give you His pardon".

Before they realized they had compromised
a dark shadow had come over them;

In just one hour they fell to the power
of the serpent, his lies and sin.

Put away wandering eyes, so you won't compromise
for it's better to do what's right.

Now if you do... God's Word is true
He'll bless you every day and night


A Cowboy's Prayer

“A Cowboys Prayer”
By Kurt Hardy

Thank you Lord for my days have been long
To stay in the saddle and keeping me strong

One day I’ll be going to my last rodeo
I pray I’ll be ready when it’s my time to go

With the tie in my teeth and rope in hand
I knew I would win, cause I’m a rodeo man

Like a flash of lighting, that’s all it seem to take
I remembered all my failures and life long mistakes

“Lord I know I haven’t always lived in the light
But every time I’ve tried to do what’s right”

With the calf out the chute and my rope overhead
A perfect throw, but I missed instead

Pulling my had down low, recoiling the rope
Two times I’ve missed, don’t have much hope

Been thinking about that last rodeo ride
I have a choice to make and I must decide

“Lord I haven’t called on You much in my life
Been working real hard, both me and my wife

I don’t want to miss this chance to ride
I’m asking for help and to forgive my pride"

The chute men stretched the cord across the line
With rope in hand, I hoped the prize was mine

Five seconds my rope, the calf had found
Stretched out and tied, he laid on the ground

The crowds in the stand were cheering there
But I bowed my knee in humble prayer

“Thank you Lord for my rodeo ride
And helping me to finally decide

That life has its failures and I don’t have to fall
Just give You my burdens and You’ll take them all”


The Succesful Life

“The Successful Life”
By Kurt Hardy

You have success, but you failed to succeed
You’ve got the toys, but not what you need

Life seems full, yet you hunger for more
Things thought important, is now just a bore

You have spending money and looking fine
But still feel empty with no peace of mind

Take a look in the mirror and see what you see
Is the person you’re looking at, what you want to be?

Life is more than riches and fame
Corporate climbing and making a name

Expresso coffee and hailing down a cab
Schedules and pressure, driving you mad

True riches in life are simple to find
It’s about loving others and being kind

Enjoy the moment, the simple things of life
Play more with your children and love your wife

Get to know your neighbors, reach out your hand
Help the poor and the needy, bless your fellow man

By helping others and giving your best
Your life will be counted as being a success



By Kurt Hardy

My name is time.
Do not waste me
building sand castles in the sky

For while waiting for your dreams
I will quickly pass you by

My Creator has commanded me
An allotment to give

All of creation
A time to live

Artist dream dreams and leaders see visions
But I call all to make a sure decision

So put feet to your dreams
And do it right away

For I give not a promise
That you have another day

Just For You

“Just For You”
(Song) By Kurt Hardy June 3, 2009

(Chorus 2x)
I want to thank You Lord
Just for You
For Your love, mercy and grace

I want to thank You Lord
Oh, yes I do
I want to thank You,
Thank You lord

When I wake up in the morning and the sun don’t shine
That don’t bother me
Because the love of Christ shines in my heart
And gives me hope everyday to believe

(Chorus 1x)
I want to thank You Lord
Just for You
For Your love , mercy and grace
I want to thank You Lord
Oh, yes I do
I want to thank You,
Thank You lord

Verse 2
When I slip and fall, the Devil shouts to me
“You’ve failed, now you’re lost”
I tell him he’s a liar and he’ll burn in the fire
Christ’s blood has saved me at the cross

(Chorus 2x) end with I want to thank you, thank You Lord (2x)


Wind,Earth And Fire

I Kings 19:11-12
By Kurt Hardy

In the cave God spoke to Elijah
He said, “Listen to what I say
It's not by wind, earth and fire
I speak in a soft and tender way

Men shall boast of their triumphs
and you say your life is through!
Have no fear my precious child
For the Lord your God is with you

Who created the heavenly stars
and all the fish in the sea?
Who made the majestic mountains
and also the honey bee?

Who can make the sun to shine
and hold the wind in his hand?
Put your trust in the power of God
and not in the strength of man

Have no fear, I'm with you
For you are my loving desire
and I will take you through…
The Wind, Earth and Fire”


The Cross

“The Cross”
By Kurt Hardy

What do you see when you look at the cross,
Just a decoration hanging on a wall?

Does it reveal to you, what you should do
Cry out a declaration to all who are lost

Will you go by faith now that you see
And preach the cross to set men free?

Ther Harvest

The Harvest
By Kurt Hardy

God promises a great harvest
Then gives us a bag of seeds

“Now do what you have heard and plant My word
I will provide for all of your needs.

Though your way shall be narrow and difficult to climb
If you will stay faithful to me, I promise you’ll receive
A harvest of blessings every time”

Prisoner Of Hope

Prisoner of Hope
By Kurt Hardy
Heb. 11:6
I will not give up, I will never give in
Though I am often assailed by the arrows of sin

My defense is found in the power of His name
His authority is mine and I shall always remain

On trial this day for what I believe,
Thirty nine strips did I receive

Called a liar and deceiver, that’s what they said
Condemned in this prison until I am dead.

“He will not last, he can not cope”
But I shall, for I am a prisoner of hope

“Hope you therefore in the Lord your God,
For against Him, no one can stand

For He who made both heaven and earth
Shall deliver you by the power of His hand”

Be now encouraged my fellow saint
Do not cast your hope away

For very soon, His light shall dawn
And give you hope for another day

The Call

“The Call”
Matthew 6:13-14
Kurt Hardy

Give what you have
Do what you can

Serve the helpless
Love your fellowman

Be all of what God
Has called you to be

The salt of the earth
A light for all to see

Treasures From The Heart

Treasures Of The Heart
By Kurt Hardy

A song is an expression of how one feels,
The treasure of his heart is what he reveals.

Some sing of sadness and the troubled life they've lived,
Their hearts filled with sorrow and only bitterness they give.

Searching hard for silver and looking for gold
Believing this is what their treasure should hold.

Then there are others who decided to find
The treasure of joy and great peace of mind.

And when they have found the right way to live,
Out of their treasure they are able to give.

Both have a song in which to sing
And from the treasure of their hearts
Is what they will bring.

My Life

By Kurt Hardy

I was just 13 when I began to do crime,
I had no family and an abundance of time.

I started drinking beer for a little comfort
and cheer,

Then I began smoking dope when I found I
couldn't cope.

As life got harder...I needed a new starter;

So I tried cocaine to deal with my pain
and that's when my life went completely insane.

When I was 14 I thought it was keen
to be with the boys at all of the scenes.

I joined a gang because life was a bore,
it didn't take long til I became a whore.

Selling my body for nickel or a dime,
trying so hard to have a good time.

I was gang'n and bang'n and doing lots of things
at a tender young age of just 15.

Now at 16 I've done it all,
Spent time at camp and juvenile hall.

I had one kid and aborted another,
"I'm too young to be somebody's mother".

I'm tired of life after 17 years
crying my eyes out with a million tears.

My life is filled with heartaches and sorrows
with no hope of a future or a better tomorrow.

Is this all the world has to offer me,
a broken life filled with misery?

I began to think of my lonely past,
and what I'd give for something real to last.

With pills in a bottle and a razor in my hand,
I thought of my life and I had a better plan.

I began to write a note to those I thought would care;
maybe they would cry or even say a prayer.

I started with names to put on my list,
to say that I loved them, and then cut my wrist.

When I began to write my heart was gripped with fear,
for I couldn't think of a one,
and my eyes filled with tears.

No one is this world cared at all about me;
whether I was dead or alive, in prison or free.

I never felt so lonely as I did just then,
To be in this world without a single friend.

I took the lid off the bottle, and pressed the
razor to my throat.

I wouldn't bear the loneliness,
and I knew I couldn't cope.

Just then I heard a choir sing...it's music from
down the street;

It seemed so timely, the words I heard..
a melody so soft and sweet.

"Amazing Grace" were the words they sang...
and how Christ, He died on the cross.

To give hope to the discouraged, heal the broken hearted
and love to all that were lost.

I ran down the stairs and out in the street;
to go to that church...to God I would speak.

"Dear God, are you real...do you know how I feel..
and will you truly become my friend?

Will you give me hope, take away the dope,
and make my life all new again?"

When I finished my prayer as I was sittin' there..
the strangest thing happened to me.

I felt God's joy, and His peace come over me;
through the power of HIS love..I am now set free.

Thank you Dear Jesus for hearing my prayer,
for coming to me when no else cared.

You give me hope...a life to live in..
You cleansed my heart and took away my sin.

You have given back..."MY LIFE"

Praying To God

Kurt Hardy

Here I am in my closet place
worshiping God upon my face,

Not aware of the passing time
resting in His love and peace of mind.

How can I give you glory today
as I listen to what God might say.

I heard no thunder nor did lightning strike,
the earth didn't quake, by the power of His might.

Intently I waited for what I might hear,
His gentle voice whispered in my ear

"Spread peace, good will, go tell all men
there's hope and forgiveness for all their sin.

I'll lead them from darkness to the pathway of light,
their Shepherd in the day and their protector at night

All who will come and follow me,
I'll give them new life for eternity."

That was all I heard my Saviour say,
with joy in my heart I left that day.

As I travel the highways and walk through the streets,
I proclaim the Good News to all that I meet.

God's love fills my heart, His joy's on my face
I found it by prayer in my little closet place.

Broken Toy's

BY Kurt Hardy (Psalm 37:4-5)

When I was just a little boy
I came to my father one day

I said "Daddy please, will you fix my toy
so I can go out and play?"

He said to me, "Son can't you see
I don't have the time for you,

Someday you'll understand when you become a man
I've more important things to do."

As the years passed by, I don't know why
but my life became like that toy.

It never got repaired, no one seemed to care
to mend the heart of a broken little boy.

For years I cried, I was empty inside,
no life, no love or hope.

My painful thinking, led me to drinking,
from there.. my life turned to dope.

Late one night when the moon was bright
I staggered outside of a bar

I looked up in the sky and let out with a sigh
for the heavens were lit up by the stars.

While I was standing there, I said a quick prayer
hoping that God might hear.

"Lord could it be, you'd love a man like me?"
as I brushed away my tears.

"Will you heal this little boy, fill his heart with your joy
then set him free to be a brand new man?

I'm tired and alone, can't make it on my own
I need your strength and the power of your hand."

Then he said to me so tenderly,
His voice inside my mind,

"Your prayer is heard and I've given you my word
My son, I'll always have time!"

I can’t tell you what happened that night,
for it's difficult for words to say

But God healed my life, removed the bitterness of strife
and He's been my Father ever since that day.


By retired Deputy Sheriff/Rev. Kurt Hardy

I was born on the West Side....
And when I was young, my parents died.

Because I was too little to be left on my own,
The county had me placed in a foster home.

I always tried to do what was right,
But something would get me mad....
And I'd get into a fight.

Finally I decided to drop out of school,
The crowd I ran with thought it would be cool.

Soon I found myself alone in the street.
Without any friends or a place to sleep.

I thought of getting myself some employment....
To have spending money for fun and enjoyment.

So I tried my hand at swinging a mop
In exchange for a hamburger and a soda pop.

But that wasn't for me...it wasn't my style,
I wanted the big time ...something worthwhile.

I had two strikes against me, I know it's true,
I felt so helpless; I didn't know what to do.

With no where to go or spend my time,
I went to the liquor store and stole some wine.

When it was gone...I wanted some more,
So I went straight back to the same liquor store.

I reached inside the liquor bin,
And started out the door with a bottle of gin.

Little did I know what was waiting outside,
It was a big old Cop who said, "Let's take a ride".

He took me down to the county jail....
Where I spent 20 days cause I couldn't make bail.

That was the beginning of my life with crime,
And jail is where I'd stay for most of the time.

In and out of jail again and again,
Finally did a stretch in the old state pen.

One day while sitting in my lonely cell,
I started to take my life, but I was afraid of Hell.

I broke down with tears and began to cry,
That’s when I asked God for the reason why.

Why did my parents have to die,
Breaking my heart and making me cry?

Why was I left completely alone,
To live in somebody's Foster Home?

And why am I angry all of the time,
So I have to get loaded on a jug of wine?

And please Oh God, will you tell...
Will I spend my life forever in jail?

And Lord I ask you to forgive my sin,
I invite you now in my heart to come in.

I strained to listen for His voice to hear,
But all I heard were my sobbing tears.

I fell asleep for a little while....
But was awakened by a voice so tender and mild.

It was faint at first, I couldn't tell what it said,
So I just laid quietly upon my bed.

Again I heard the sound of the voice,
It said very clearly..."I give YOU the choice".

"If you are willing My words to obey,
To trust and believe in what I have to say;

Then I want you now to make your decision
To follow me and I'll lead you from prison.

From the prison of anger and the bitterness within,
I'll heal your wounded heart and forgive all your sins”

A few years went by I was released from the pen,
I knew that day...I'd never come back again.

For JESUS healed my heart and wiped away all my tears,
And I've been walking with Him all of these years.

And friend I know this poem is true
What He did for me, He will do for you.


Only The Lonely

By Kurt Hardy

Only the lonely
Can say they suffer loss
God says He knows
His Son died on the Cross.

Only the lonely
Feel the emptyness within
The Lord understands
And said He'd be your friend.

Only the lonely
Experience such fears
Jesus will comfort and dry all your tears.

Only the lonely
Dread dying alone
But the Savior had promised to take you home

Thank you Dear Lord
Never lonely again
Since I opened my heart
And you came in.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mary and Martha
Kurt Hardy
Luke 10:39-42

“Jesus, please tell Mary to help me with my chores
I need her to peel potatoes and mop up the floors.

I know she hangs onto every word you have said
But, could you tell her to set the table and make up her bed?”

Jesus said to Martha so tender and sweet,
“Mary’s tears from her eyes has washed my feet.

This day she has revealed the burdens of her soul,
And I’ve healed her broken heart and made her whole.”

Then Jesus looked deeply into Martha’s eyes,
“Martha, Martha do you realize…
how you strive for things in life?

I know your desire for it burns like a fire
To someday become a wife.

Caring for your family, always needs to be done
However, Mary has discovered that I’m God’s Son

She has chosen to give Me honor, this very day
And her reward shall never be taken away.”

I Long To Hear My Father Say

I Long To Hear My Father Say”
By Kurt Hardy

I know my father loved me
but I never heard him say
“I love you child and I’m so proud
in every single way”

I’m sure my father loved me
I wished he’d told me so
His words would have meant more to me
Than treasures filled with gold

Now my father has gone
to that heavenly place
I know someday I’ll be there
to see his smiling face

Today I’m a parent
with children of my own
I always kiss and hold them
even though they’re now full grown

And now I’m in my sunset years
I ponder my youthful past
How I longed to hear my father say
“I love you-you need not ask”

My ears hear squealing laughter
Little hands tug at my clothes
“Oh please grampa,tell us another story
about times of long ago”

My grandchildren are such a blessing
They’ve filled my hungry soul
Where once my heart was wounded
their love has made it whole.

Grace For Grief

Grace For Grief
Romans 12:19-21
By Kurt Hardy

A painful arrow has pierced my soul
Anger and bitterness has be in control

To think I should give Grace
To the one who gave me Grief?

Oh, for the love of vengeance
That would give my pain relief

Each day reminds me how I was betrayed
By those, I put my confidence in

My love and trust, I gave my all
And they even called me their friend

Then one-day news came to me
Hard times had fallen on them

I knew the reason why, they caused me to cry,
And now they must pay for their sin

Lord, “I can’t pray they should be blessed
Give them suffering and pain and nothing less”

Then I wept and cried, “Lord give me relief”
He whispered to me “Give Grace for Grief”

“Lord, You want me to give them provisions to eat
With clothes to wear and shoes for their feet?

“Are You asking me that I should forgive
For the things that they have done

The pain and shame they gave to my name
And they did it in front of everyone”?

“I know My child of your anxiety
What they did to you, they did to Me

If you want My peace to be given to your soul
Forgive what they’ve done and I’ll make you whole

If you believe in Me, your Father up above
Then show them you care, by giving My love”

So I called my old friends for lunch that day
And I couldn’t believe what they had to say

“Why are you showing such kindness to us
And praying to God that He might bless?

You’ve showered us with kindness, were so ashamed
We ask that you forgive us, for causing such pain”

That was forty years ago, to this very day
And we’re the best of friends in everyway

This statement is true, it is my belief
That real healing begins, by offering
Grace for Grief.

The Oasis

by Kurt Hardy

In the desert of sorrow and tribulation
I struggle through the hot burning sands,

Hoping to find an oasis of peace
to quench the thirst of this dying man.

In the furnace of despair
the sun burns deep in my soul

Like a wind driven tumbleweed
without direction or control.

If only there was sanity
for the struggles in my life;

To find a garden of Eden
to have peace without strife .

Above my head in the distant sky
I see the vultures of doubt assail

Watching me....looking to see
if I'll quit, give up and fail.

In exhaustion I stumbled and fell to the ground
with no hope for my soul I cried,

This struggle is more than I can bare
God rescue me lest I should die.

With all my strength I rose to my feet,
I began my life once again

But the desert seemed strange
for my outlook had changed
I had found that `Oasis' within.

Though I've walked through the valley
of the shadow of death
this one thing I have found to be true

Instead of struggling in despair
give it to God in prayer
and He'll provide an `Oasis' for you!

A Desert Place

(Acts 8:26-40)

By Kurt Hardy

My name is Philip
I'm a evangelist
For my Lord

Been called to preach the Gospel
His Word I call the sword.

Once while I was deep in prayer
And trying to make a decision,

An angel of God came to me
In a beautiful and marvelous vision.

Philip, he said..
“Get up from your bed
I have a message
From the Lord for you.

Go wash your face
There's no time to waste
For the work God wants you to do."

I pondered the words
The angel had said
The assignment was hard
One I feared I would dread.

“Go to the desert”
He said to me
“There I'll do a work
That will set the captive free”.

So I journeyed down
That hot dusty road
A place so treacherous
That no one dared to go.

"Dear God, are you sure
This is where I am to be?"

These were the words
I heard the Lord say to me,

"Go before my face
To this dry and desolate place,

There you will be
A special minister for me.

For my WORD
Shall be heard
Throughout this desert land,

It will be taught and instructed
To an Ethiopian man.

He's coming your way
In a royal chariot today,
A man of position and great power.

For he longs to be free
And he's searching for me
That's why I've sent you
At this hour.

I've appointed this man
To take my WORD to his land
And tell the people of that nation;

That because of my love
I came down from above
To set them free without hesitation.

For Philip, you know...
I was destined to go
And die upon an old rugged cross;

And all who believe
I will surely receive
And they shall never again be lost."

I wondered in amazement,
What I heard was real
When suddenly came the sounds
From a chariots wheel.

He was a tall black man
Very handsome and slender
Dressed in royalty
Of magnificence and splendor.

A minister of finance
For Candace the Queen
And reading from the Bible,
At least that's what it seemed.

The voice of the Lord
Told me what to say,

"Sir, do you understand
What you're reading today?"

He called me to his side,
"Will you be my guide,
For I'm reading from Isaiah fifty-three?"

"Certainly I can,
It's about the Son of Man
And how He died to set
The sinner's free."

Then he said to me,
"I want to be free
From my heavy burden of sin."

"Then will you believe,
And by faith receive
Jesus Christ in your heart
To come in?"

"Yes I will,"
He said with a thrill
"For now I finally realize...

Because He loves me so
He has saved my soul,
Now it's time to be baptized."

A pool of water was close at hand
A beautiful oasis in that desert land.

Down to the water
We both stepped in,
Praising the Lord
For the forgiveness of sin.

And when he came out
He gave a glorious shout,

"I must go to the Queen,
And tell what I've seen
About this wonderful story;

How God in His love
Came down from above
For man to share in His glory."

He began to thank God,
Then he looked around...
But I was gone
And couldn't be found;

For the Spirit of the Lord
Took me through the air,
To a little town meeting
That was holding prayer.

The Golden Cord

The Golden Cord

By Kurt Hardy

It was a dark and stormy night,
the moon and stars would give no light.

The rain kept pounding
on my window outside

And the wind would howl
like a wolf when it cries.

Sounds of rolling thunder
exploded with a crash;

Rattling the room
then lighting would flash

Scary dark shadows
danced across my door

I believe I heard monsters
crawling around on the floor.

Suddenly a flash of light
and I saw it standing there,

It looked like a wolf
but it could of been a bear.

I heard the growl of thunder
it made an awful roar,

It seemed to be pounding
upon my bedroom door.

I wanted to reach for
the bedroom light,

But it was too far away,
and I was filled with fright.

Under my covers I began to pray...
"Oh God, please chase the monsters away,

I promise to you I'll do what's right,
please keep me safe throughout the night."

I peered from my covers,
maybe the monsters were gone

Hoping that soon
the morning would dawn.

Another burst of thunder
shook my bed

I pulled my pillow
tightly around my head.

My eyes welled up
with floods of tears

My heart was pounding
and full of fears;

"Please Dear Lord
way up in heaven,

I'm just a little boy
and I'm only seven.

I'm afraid of the monsters
the storm brought in,

If I cry out for help
it's surely my end."

I wanted to cry out
but was afraid to make a noise

Because that's how monsters
find little boys.

On top of the covers
a hand touched my shoulder,

I shuttered with fear
that my life was over.

Slowly I turned
to look and see

What was the thing
that put it's hand on me!

There in my room
so shinny and bright

Was a figure of a man
it was an awesome sight.

He was as tall as the ceiling
clear down to the floor
He must have been
seven feet or more.

His robe was beautiful
a sight to behold

It sparkled like diamonds
with threads of gold.

Around His waist
was a golden cord

Upon which hung
a flaming sword.

My heart was pounding
as loud as could be

That God would send
an angel to me.

Then He smiled
these words He said

As he tucked me tightly
into bed,

"I'll stand guard
you'll be all right,

Nothing will harm you
in the storm tonight.

For God has sent me
to keep watch over you

So you can sleep
the whole night through."

I closed my eyes
to say a prayer

I opened them slowly,
He was still standing there

Then finally I drifted
off to sleep

Knowing the Angel of God
my soul would keep.

When I opened my eyes
It was morning time

Through my bedroom window
the sun did shine.

I was so excited
that I ran down stairs

To tell Mom and Dad
how God heard my prayers

That He sent His angel
in the storm last night

To calm my fears
it was quite a sight.

He was seven feet tall
from the ceiling to the floor

I told this to them
and a whole lot more.

"We're happy you believed
you saw a visitor from heaven

but it was just a dream
after all, you're only seven"

I went upstairs
and laid down on my bed

For my parents didn't believe
a single word I said.

I began to cry
to God in a prayer

I said..."Lord, I know
you're angel was there.

I felt so strange
and out of place

So I went to the bathroom
and washed my face.

As I walked in my room
I just had to stare

For the `Golden Cord'
was hanging on the chair.

I remembered it then
it was on the angel's waist,

It held his sword
so firmly in place

I said..."Dear Lord,
is this a message for me?"

I thought of taking it
to my parents to see

But then again
I know what they'd say

Go outside son
it's time to play.

For seventy-five years
I've told my story

And I want the Lord
to receive the glory;

He calmed my heart
and took away my fears

And has given me peace
through all these years.

The story I tell...
I'll never get bored,

For in my hand I hold

@ Copyright 1992
The Hardy Ministries